13 July, 2012


"1. He or she speaks only in broad generalities."
HCO Policy Letter of 27 September 1966
The Antisocial Personality
If you wanted to turn people against each other, or against their government, or a business concern or other social institution (such as their church), would you take care to point out that certain individuals involved in these institutions had gone out-ethics, and thus were messing things up for everyone else, or would you try to find some way to create a generalized, non-specific resentment for the entire institution?

This gives you the primary difference between tactics designed to turn people against each other and tactics designed to restore ethics.

Learn this well!

You will be urged many times to feel or express animosity towards a group, an agency, or an institution. But the truth is that only certain individuals are screwing things up. If you fall for the generalizations, you will be lost in a happy "explanation" for all your problems, but will never resolve any of the most important ones.

If our enemies know anything that we don't know that helps them retain their power, it is this little trick. We must learn to carefully track down the sources - live human beings - of these hateful generalizations. To do this successfully is our only hope of reducing their power.