27 July, 2012

Total Information Breakdown

Between 1983 and 2008 I was cut off from ordinary media channels.

I was working in a religious organization that believed that the news was not worth paying attention to because it was being run by a bunch of guys who saw profit in fear, terror, and the macabre.

The first real media cover-up I personally witnessed was the JFK assassination. This was a deep, earth-shattering incident. The TV coverage was shallow and superficial.

We were on vacation when Robert Kennedy was shot, and I did not see the coverage of that. But the accused is still convinced that he is innocent.

I do not recall coverage of the Watts riots (1965) or MLK assassination (1968). I think it was probably somewhat insignificant.

The next major coverage that I remember was the Vietnam war. This, as we are just now beginning to learn now, was a major exercise in deception. Yet: It WAS a war. Our men were fighting and dying there. There was no denying that fact.

Most of the major incidents after that I missed either partially or completely. We did get to see videos of what happened at 911, but that was about all.

As it turns out, almost all the above events, plus many more before and since, were planned, non-spontaneous, media-manipulated events. I became aware that the media were being manipulated in 1982 just before I started working for my church. 

But it was not until after I stopped working there, 2009 to now, that I realized the extent of the manipulation.

I recently watched a video about the problem of totally staged media events. This type of event uses actors and sound effects with "reporters" who are in on it, to completely fabricate the "facts" of an event, by supposedly interviewing "eye witnesses." This is currently being done in Syria.

If the mainstream media can do this and get away with it, then they are a total joke. They have become totally irrelevant.

This same source (about staged events) then became compromised (or perhaps always was) and started making outlandish claims that major public figures were actually just movie actors. So now he is "debunked" and his whole theory brought into question. Convenient, eh? Those who have been watching closely believe some of his material was accurate, probably to draw an audience.

911 was a great international disaster. Various earlier atrocities were, too. The whole Serbian conflict. Various earlier "terrorist" attacks. The various wars including Vietnam, Korea, WW2, WW1, etc. 

In Scientology, we have a name for events like this: Group Engram. This means an extremely traumatic event that affects a whole group instead of just a single individual. And Hubbard had a theory about Group Engrams that aligned with his work on individual engrams: That they would draw attention from and bother a group until properly "cleared."

The way you "clear" a group engram is by having a complete and impartial investigation of the incident that gets to the bottom of what really happened to the satisfaction of all involved (except maybe the criminals that caused it). This is what we try to do with Congressional Hearings (and Inquires in Commonwealth countries). But it isn't working. The ethics of the politicians has become compromised, and they are no longer capable of performing this function, if they ever were.

This job, then, falls back to the press. But, what do you know? It has likewise been compromised and can no longer perform this function, if it ever could. We then must rely on the efforts of private individuals, rogue journalists and a few brave scientists and historians to try to figure these things out ten, twenty, thirty or more years after they happened. Have they succeeded? Well, I am glad I am aware of their work, but with the mainstream media (which is sort of like the nerve system of the nation) compromised, most of the group may never find out what those individuals have discovered.

And so we come to Aurora, Colorado, early in the morning of Friday, 20 July.

We have not yet seen an official report from investigators as to what happened. But now the chances of getting such a report seem quite remote. Instead, the President of the United States (or his handlers) decided that he should be the one to impart this information to the public, and did so in the section of his speech in the hospital about "Allie." The question of an accomplice has, for the time being, been covered with a story of courage that saved the life of a young woman. 

This whole thing stinks. This is not reality; it's the Matrix.

This is the first major group engram I have witnessed via the internet (and NPR radio) since I stopped working for my church. And I am totally appalled. This story has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese. And the mainstream media swallowed it hook, line and sinker. I have witnessed the President himself attempt to tell the American people what to think about what happened there that night. Just like Bush tried to do after 911.

This information system has lost almost all touch with reality. I do not trust it. It has been totally compromised. If we ever want it to work again we will probably have to disassemble it and rebuild it from scratch. I am not shocked; my training and study prepared me for this. But I am appalled. We are being conned, and most of us are going along with it. That is no way to survive; and there is no good reason to give up on trying to survive. At least, I don't think there is.