01 September, 2012


Origins of body forms - energetic or light bodies illustrated.

Here is a complete re-think on the subject of “evolution” which includes Hubbard's data along with some from other sources. It's a rough outline of possibilities, even though definitive language is sometimes used in the interest of brevity and clarity.

Star Body

The simplest structure and function of anything that could be called a “body” (and it is in astronomy) is the star. This consists of a radiative point-source, constantly on. Its appearance depends on the quality of the energy being radiated. We normally judge “appearance” on the basis of just one octave of frequencies which we call “visible light.” As detectors for non-visible emissions are proliferating in space (and on earth) we are beginning to become more used to the idea of spectral ranges. We have developed a common way of visualizing spectral ranges by mapping them to colors within the visible band. This mapping can result in “false-color” images of cosmic bodies that are often quite beautiful. 

The ability to fully sense several octaves of radiative energy at one time is currently considered a higher spiritual ability.

The star body pattern is exceedingly simple and rather easy to mechanize. Most stellar objects we see today are not real star bodies, but star machines. Though the internal structure of a star machine can be quite simple, it is not necessarily so. The only person I know of who has seriously questioned current science on this point (in relation to our own sun in particular) is James Horak. Learn more here: James Horak blog

Basic Energetic Tools

The two basic energy-related tools are 1) the beam and 2) the shield.

The beam would normally be thought of as an “offensive” tool, and the shield a “defensive” tool.

I am guessing that the beam developed first, as primal beings gave no thought to self-defense.

Beams come in two main types: 1) pressor and 2) tractor. The pressor pushes out like a fire hose and is the more ancient type (offensive). 

The tractor pulls in like a winch and is likely of more recent development (defensive). 

Beams should be seen as different than a simple flow of energy (discharge), for the definition of a beam implies some ability to control the extent of its reach (length) and thus some way to sense whatever is at its farthest point.

Ultimately, a hybrid pressor-tractor beam was developed that combines both functions in one tool. This is an extremely common machine element.

The shield in its earliest forms was probably mirror-like and was likely used for deceptive offensive purposes or to bounce an energy flow back towards its source. As it developed, it was given a wide variety of energetic properties. It appears in modern machines mostly as a protective or aesthetic covering.


In its purest form, the orb consists of a star body surrounded by a spherical shield. Though this seems like a relatively simple structure, creating a workable shield was problematic for the being, and led to a wide variety of creative designs.

The problem with a “perfect” shield is that, while it affords a “perfect” defense, it also results in complete isolation from the rest of the universe. In the interest of combating boredom and having a game, this was not considered optimum. Thus, various methods were devised to allow the being inside its shield to communicate with its outside environment.

The orb model (the cell) is the basis on which all of modern biological machinery is built. It is also the basic pattern for the non-radiative planet. Change the shield from a solid shell to a thick atmosphere, and you get a “gas giant” like Jupiter.

Again, most cosmic bodies observed today are machines, not real beings.

Hybrid shapes

Today the Star in its purity is never seen used as a body. Is is too expansive to be used in that way. Only star machines remain, potent symbols for the potential reach and freedom of the spirits that made them long ago.

All “practical” bodies are shielded. The simplest shapes consist of a central orb with one or more attached combo-beams.

Early designs were of a simple radiate nature and still abound today in the ocean. Later designs reduced the number of attached beams to some specific number, then specialized the beams to perform specific tasks.

Hybrid or compound forms were developed.

Thus, the human arm is a compound jointed beam. And the head is an orb-beam hybrid, combining several sensory and communication functions into one appendage.

A “modern” biological body includes several sub-systems often referred to as “chakras”. The use of chakras in esoteric spiritual practices is, in my view, somewhat misplaced. Almost all technology left on earth by higher beings concerns itself with bodies and how they are constructed and controlled. Ditto for most “occult” symbolism. 

The snake and staff, for instance, is a symbol for coitus (as a mechanism).

The accompanying figure illustrates the evolution of body shapes from pure energy forms (light bodies) through fine mechanical forms (doll bodies) into heavy mechanical forms (robots) and biological forms (meat bodies). Only bodies serving as vessels for higher beings are shown here.

Types of bodies used by advanced beings, this universe.

Plants and animals are thought to have been developed as playthings for “the rich and famous” so to speak. Until meat bodies were designed that could survive unsupervised, there was no need for concepts such as “food” or “food chain.” The “ecosystem” is a relatively recent development and speaks to the urge of higher beings to put the whole game of life on automatic. 

This is a withdrawal from creation and is not really necessary.

Humanoid forms

There is some evidence that the humanoid form evolved from a basic five-beamed orb design.

If we take the “light body” to be the most ancient humanoid form (this might not be true) then we see that even this type tends to take the form of a central body with a head, two arms and two legs.

Robot bodies are reported by Hubbard, but are not much seen today. This must mean that they have been discarded as undesirable for all except a few specific purposes or that we are unable to recognize them because they are shielded to look like doll bodies, the same as has been done with some primitive earth robots.

Biological bodies are by far the most numerous these days, though persistent reports of “crystal” bodies make them a glaring exception to the rule. It is unclear whether these are an actual silicon-based life form, or merely apparitions produced by the more psychically advanced ETs. There is evidence on earth (diatoms) of experiments with silicate-shielded biological bodies, in addition to the calcium-based structures that we know as shell and bone.

Several authors (or contactees) have classified humanoid body types according to their nearest animal analog. This could well be a running joke amongst the star people, as it is impossible for us to know at this time exactly how these various body types were developed.

Presumably the various different types were suited to the various different worlds where they were initially developed. There is also some evidence, stated as fact by “Airl” in Alien Interview, that all known space opera societies have lost the technology of creating bodies “from scratch” and now struggle to develop hybrids - that can survive in new environments - from existing materials. 

Simon Parkes suggests that this is the primary interest of ET in earth humans. We are a robust form due to the heavy gravity here and the relative reproductive freedom which we enjoy, so remain attractive as a “slave species” regardless of the moral repercussions that has had for past planetary rulers, and the apparently hopeless nature of any long-term plan to enslave higher beings.

I am a bit aghast to think that some ET groups might still consider this a viable option, but we have never been know for being wise in this regard.


Characterized by hairless, even scaly, skin, and slit eyes. This is the predominant body form of the most ancient space opera societies, which still seem to be dominant in the universe at this time (regardless of rumors to the contrary).

Those societies have developed advanced forms of mind control that appear to us as psychic and physical abilities. The degree to which these are machine (electronics)-assisted is uncertain at this time. The Reptoids are described by their enemies as vicious, heartless beings. And they have many enemies.

Body types range from extremely muscular (for use in heavy-gravity environments) to extremely skinny (such as the Tall Grays). They are associated somewhat with the feminine, which is seen as the “creator” aspect of the higher being.

There are legends that an earlier creator race existed, sometimes known as "eagle beings." They reportedly have no definite form, taking whatever shape suits their immediate purpose.


Characterized by very hairy bodies, though this impression may be due in part to masks and costumes. Their distant relatives, which appear occasionally on earth, are reportedly from Mars and known to us as “bigfoot” and by other names. The Dog people are known for body strength and as the forefathers of earth humans. They are associated somewhat with the masculine, which is the “destroyer” aspect of the higher being. 

They are known, traditionally, as warriors. But they are reported to take many forms and play many roles in various space opera societies.


Similar to the dog body type, but with slit eyes that are larger. Probably some sort of dog-reptoid cross, as are cats on earth. Possibly the “feminine” (reptoid) form of the Dog.


Another ancient race similar in capabilities to the reptoids, but with huge eyes which seem to be composed of sensor arrays, as are insect eyes on earth. Their hands only have four “fingers.”

These are reported as taking an extremely thin doll body form. I know of no evidence that this body type ever went biological, but that could be wrong.


Humans are thought to be a Dog-Reptoid cross (hybrid). The body supposedly was developed back when genetic engineering was more widely known and practiced.

Though some date this body type as having existed in the universe for millions of years, others report that genetic modifications to it on earth date back to as recently as a few thousand years ago. These modifications were supposedly perpetrated by reptoid “giants” in a few select areas of the planet, possibly only the Middle East, or the area just north of there. Data about these beings can be found in Barry Chamish's book Return of the Giants

Again, genetics seems to be a huge concern for these beings. 

It is not clear that any giant hybrids survived on earth. There is some evidence that they were quite carefully eradicated thousands of years ago.

The male human, being somewhat more hairy than the female, is traditionally associated with the ancient masculine aspects, as were the Dog people. This seems to have been a deliberate design decision.

In a similar manner, the female is more associated with the traditional feminine aspects.

Star people. Thank you to the artists who made these drawings and sculptures.


These should be mentioned here, as this whole article came about as I was thinking of how the chakras are involved in singing. Esoterically known as “energy centers,” the body chakras are the primary muscle sub-systems of the body.

The lowest of these are the reproductive muscles. In the male this consists of a rod which serves as a kind of pipe. In the female, we have the opposite apparatus, a sleeve which receives the flow from the pipe, as well as the uterus and all the rest of it. This is the biggest male-female body difference and is a timeless symbol of how opposites combine to form a unity. But realize, that while this concept can be elevated to grand esoteric meanings, it essentially describes a basic mechanical design widely known in electronics as “plug and jack.” 

In the seven chakra system, the uterus gets a separate chakra, which is usually associated with the gonads in the male, or the spleen. The lowest chakra is usually described as being located at the bottom of the spine (tail bone).

Next up is the diaphragm or “stomach” chakra. Though the digestive organs are sometimes included in this chakra, they are a much more passive sub-system than the diaphragm, which must be kept in constant motion to keep the body breathing.

The heart is a very important sub-system and chakra. Its esoteric importance is much over-stated, I believe. Its importance to the body, however, is extremely obvious. From a body design point of view, this is a critical chakra and must be kept “strong.”

The throat contains the vocal folds as well as a control system that switches between breathing and ingestion. It is an essential sub-system in many ways, and of course is crucial to human verbal communication.

The sub-systems of the head have been broken down in a variety of ways. The head chakras feature subtlety of control over force. Considerable coordination activities are directed from the head area, which also serves as a general-purpose communication device.

The major muscle systems of the head are the mouth and eyes, not counting the neck and face. However, the chakras emphasized in esoteric teachings have to do with the various brain areas: primitive-pineal and sensate-analytical.

In humans the pineal is vestigial, and much attention is paid to “activating” it. Some teachings stress its importance to body health. Others see it as a spiritual center. As far as I can tell, the pineal was originally intended to provide a telepathic link between bodies and their masters. It was used extensively by earlier humanoids, before the reptoids came in and reduced its size.

The seven chakra system does not include the “third eye” chakra, or combines it with the “crown” chakra. The “third eye” is a visible organ in many reptiles and is vestigial in cats and many other animals. It apparently affords additional sensory capabilities, and can be rehabilitated in humans, according to yoga practitioners.

The “crown” chakra symbolizes the superiority of the spirit more than anything else. Traditionally, it cannot be activated until all the other chakras are brought into balance or “harmony.” However, Hubbard never reported any problems with accessing spiritual abilities that could not be solved with auditing techniques.

In the world of body design, the “crown” could refer to the lower-order spritual entity that must be present for the body to operate properly and appear “alive.” Most animal bodies will function “normally” with this entity (Hubbard called it the Genetic Entity or GE) present. However, a humanoid body will not function properly in the absence of a higher being. Under such conditions, it normally dies either immediately or in a period of hours, or perhaps days if kept on life support. 

The GE is apparently unable, or unwilling, to run a humanoid body by itself. After all, this is not how this body type was designed to operate. It was always designed as a vessel for a more advanced being to use, even if that more advanced being had the rank of slave in its society.

The requirement that two beings are needed to run a humanoid body has been a confusion that has kept humanoid societies in almost continuous trouble since bodies were first invented. But I have faith that with adequate education and processing, this confusion can be resolved.