04 May, 2013

LRH Speaks Out - Individual's relationship to the group

...the primary error a fellow can make when he's trying to take an objective, is say you're going to jump off from someplace and not be there yet.

(Lecture given on 11 October 1951, Thought Emotion and Effort lecture transcripts, lectures 1-10, p 188.)

LRH ends this lecture by telling his students that he thinks they can bring each other up to the point where they are ready and able to do something effective in society.

One of the biggest failings of leadership on Earth (and perhaps everywhere else as well) has been that most "leaders" have not in fact been able, if even willing, to lead.

Most people spend most of their lives, essentially, fighting with themselves, regardless of what they appear to be fighting.

I started getting interested in this particular lecture on page 173 of the transcript where he says:

Man is living in a society that is too safe for him - much too safe for him. He's getting something like a peacetime army: "All sergeants will act towards soldiers like big brothers. You do not have to salute your officers."

The human body is made to meet sudden death and overcome it two or three times a day. For eons, boa constrictors and saber-toothed tigers, and so forth, have been jumping out of trees and from behind rocks.

Without this stimulus Man sort of becomes introverted.

Maybe nobody just plain had enough guts to come out and say, "The second I state that an individual should be in free and complete command of himself, the second I say that an individual should be given back into his own command and thereafter operate on the lines of his own experience, I am postulating that I will now have to live in a world of individuals who cannot be bludgeoned or beaten into instantaneous, blank obedience. And also, I am abdicating from any throne over the tops of individuals."

Then he started talking about what the West did to Russia after the Bolshevik revolution.
Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War

Now we sit around and say, "Here we are. We're not aggressors. We're just trying to make the world safe for democracy."

Doesn't this sound a lot like what is still happening today?

And he says of that Russian citizen:

He's fighting for the kind of freedom for the people of Russia which we earned so doggoned long ago we've almost forgotten it and almost thrown it away.

Doesn't that sound like what is still happening today?

LRH spotted some problems that this planet has not yet come to grips with!