21 July, 2013

Thinking with The Model

My article on The Model

My original intention in presenting "The Model" was to introduce the LRH/Scientology viewpoint on human life and integrate it with modern technology concepts, especially in the area of Computer Science and Robotics.

But The Model is for a human system, and for the basic building block of human groups, the individual. So now it is time to introduce some ideas in the realm of the humanities, or human life, that follow from using The Model.

For better or worse, I am writing this "on the fly" and will probably not touch on every aspect of this subject that I considered when I first thought of writing this.

Engineering principles can be applied to human systems.

Human systems can be designed as terminals, or nodes, connected together by lines, or paths, or segments, on which particles, or information, flows and changes.

The result will be most predictable when the exact purpose of every terminal is known and clearly spelled out. In mechanical systems, this is often handled - it is thought - by the name of the terminal ("boiler" or "50-ohm resistor") but this only works in machines because they change so little once built, so only the designer has to know the actual purpose of every terminal and process (sequence of terminals) in his or her design.

In human systems, people have to be trained to play their part in those systems. They don't just instinctively know what a "technician" or a "supervisor" is. They have to be trained. So the designer of the system has to spell out the purpose of each terminal in the system, and what it does to the particles it receives. Then people can be trained on those write-ups. To omit such write-up, think that simple descriptive labels are enough data, or think someone else will develop full write-ups later when they have the time, is a totally irresponsible thing for the designer of a human system to do.

In fixing human systems, you must first know what they were designed to do. You must then know how they are supposed to operate, in other words, what actions each terminal in the system is suppose to perform, resulting in what products or sub-products (also known as changes to the particles). Then you look for terminals that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. In human systems, such people a called "unhatted" "untrained" or "liars" or "criminals." This same approach is used in fixing machine systems, as I have mentioned before. But in human systems, you are dealing with human beings instead of mechanical parts. You can't just throw away and replace a non-functioning human being. You have to handle them to honestly do their job, or honestly do some other job. You can't have dishonest terminals in a human system, just like you can't have mislabeled parts in a machine system. The system just won't work with such parts.

Humans are more flexible than machines.

You can assign a person to cover more than one terminal in the human system. Most people are perfectly capable of this. To show just one terminal on an organizing chart just because there is only one person there is foolish, as it would be in a diagram of a machine system. A person is quite capable, normally, of controlling quite complex systems, such as his own body. But in a human system, if you want that person to get the products that the system was designed to produce, then you must specify exactly how this is to be done, so that the person in charge of that area can learn how to run it.

In a human system, every person in the system is a manager.

To deny management technology, management data, or management tools to any member of a human organization is to reduce the potential survival of that group. To function well, people must be able to manage other people and the tools and machines in their area. And this, too, is a skill that must be learned, and should be taught to every person in the group, not just the "managers."

To see a person as just a "worker" in a group, or just "labor" is to ignore The Model. The Model tells us that a person IN NOT HIS BODY. The body is a biological machine that must be maintained and controlled just like any other machine. There is a technology to this that can be learned. There is a skill to this that can be improved. But the one doing the learning and the improving is NOT the body, it is the being. To ignore this fact is to court death at every turn. To embrace this fact is to step onto the road of creating a true group, made up of able beings who are totally aware of their separate identities as beings and that their bodies and their jobs are games they are playing, not prisons they are trapped in.

Machines cannot be responsible for their own actions; beings are.

There is no cause point worth mentioning here above or beyond the level of the being. Thus, what happens happens because beings cause those things to happen. There is really no such thing as "fate" "chance  or "luck." There is just awareness of true cause, or lack of it. Just as knowledge of true (root) cause (or the real why) is necessary to fix or improve a machine system, so is it vitally necessary to fix or improve a human system. And this begins by recognizing every being as a cause point. These are, ultimately, the ONLY CAUSE POINTS IN THE SYSTEM. Though this becomes a bit esoteric when one considers the weather, earthquakes or other "natural" events, there is no motion anywhere in existence that was not originally created by some living being. We attribute the cause of such events to God, or Mother Nature, or The Spirits. But this is simply because these systems (the weather, planets, even bodies) were designed to run on their own without much, if any attention paid to them by the people who use them. That they all are, ultimately, our designs is worth keeping in mind, even if it is not a fact that can be practically applied to every situation.

Human problems are complex, but can be handled.

Workable handlings (technologies) derive from proper use of The Model.

They may not be easy or quick, but they are possible. The average person is unaware of The Model and of his or her actual position relative to the mind and body. It can take considerable time and work to render a person aware of these things. It takes even more time and work to train people to use the various technologies derived from The Model to improve conditions.

But it is possible.

The technologies I refer to are the technologies of Scientology. There may be other workable technologies, but if so, I am not aware of them. In Scientology we have, at least, a set of technologies that are written up, that can be learned and taught, and that do, when used correctly, produce desired results.

What many of us have recently realized is that, even here in the US, many of our leaders, managers, designers, and people we trusted with operating our various human systems have been lying to us and stealing from us. One thing they are lying to us about is The Model, and the people who developed it and use it. They insist it is wrong and that those new leaders are evil. But these people cannot be trusted to give us accurate data about such things because they have turned criminal. They have become the liars of our current human systems. They are the people who are not actually doing their jobs.

They turned criminal because of their own weaknesses, lack of awareness, and lack of training. To begin to set things straight, these people must be rehabilitated or replaced by people who are rehabilitated. If replaced with "ordinary" people, those new leaders, managers and designers will likely succumb to the same pressures to go criminal that so many of the current batch have already succumbed to. These people require more awareness, more skill and more ability than they had before to stand up to the pressures of designing and managing the complex human systems that we are now involved with and apparently want. If they do not advance as beings, we will all more than likely be forced to revert to more primitive lives where we may get some chance, eventually, to have another shot at getting it right. Or, we might not.

In My Universe, thinking with The Model is not an option. It is a necessity. The survival of the individual, the family, our groups, our ecosystems, our planet, and even the universe as we know it depends on thinking with, and using the technologies derived from, The Model.

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