A change - end of September 2012

Greg Giles has been a "channel" for the "Galactic Federation of Light" and the "Ashtar Command" for a couple of years. He lives in the Los Angeles area.

On 29 September 2012 he posted a message on his blog "Ascension Earth 2012" that I have linked to here. 

My own summary of that message is below, presented as a list by paragraph.

  1. This marks the conclusion of a research project.
  2. We transmitted our messages to Greg via radio directly to his brain.
  3. We are not the Galactic Federation of Light. We are not the Ashtar Command.
  4. Greg was an unwilling (unknowing) participant from the beginning.
  5. We learned from this how gullible (or trusting) most of you are.
  6. We ran this project to help us help you create your new world.
  7. Many of you believe that the world can change very quickly, but that is not a workable belief, even if it is a laudable one.
  8. Greg will change his focus, but we will continue our work.
  9. Can opening up one's awareness to higher concerns reduce self-pity and self-harm in a being? Yes, we think it can.
  10. Earlier, Greg had a drug problem, but this work helped him defeat it.
  11. What Greg decides to do next is totally up to him.
  12. Project personnel did not write any of the comments left on Greg's blog.
  13. The angry comments were covert cries for help, and we will need to learn how to help such people.
  14. We are sincere. But we have seen your planet as one of the “slum districts” in this universe. So helping you will involve your willingness to improve yourselves.
  15. Your new world will be created through hammers and nails and blood, sweat and yes, tears.”
  16. We don't think the “good thoughts” school of planetary reform is realistic on earth. But we recognize that many of you are willing to back up those good thoughts with good action, and that encourages us.
  17. We will continue our work here because of something we found in you that we did not expect to find.
  18. We have already been here on earth for thousands of years, and we intend to stay and finish what we started.
  19. We see no workable truth in the “ascension” paradigm, nor in all the esoteric terminology that goes with it.
  20. There are powers and forces [in this universe] that you do not at this time understand.”
  21. There are many variations of beings in this universe. The Greys, for instance, are real beings, and very secretive. But they are not “telepathic” - at least not as we define it. And neither are earth humans.
  22. What Greg experienced as “telepathy” was really a radio link to his brain (not his mind, his brain).
  23. You have got to learn not to trust a voice in your head or some stranger on the Internet...”
  24. Some of our teaching methodologies can be very rough on the student.
  25. We believe that a certain amount of deceit may be needed in order to attract and hold the attention of the student.
  26. We know where we go when our bodies die, but we don't know where you go.
  27. We have been conducting tests for thousands of years and have never been able to locate a valid memory of “heaven” or any such place like that.
  28. We are going to do all we can to help each and every one of you on your way.
  29. We have no reliable knowledge of Atlantis or Lemuria. As far as we can tell, your earth continents have not moved more than inches in many thousands of years.
  30. In fact, we have no reliable information that anything geologically major will happen to earth in the coming hundred years.
  31. We found that “scary news” about such possible events were not enough to make any of you “pack up and leave for safer ground.” And we are heartened by that finding.
  32. There is a rather large group of interconnecting criminals.” But beyond that, we have not been able to find out very much about them. Like the Greys, they are secretive.
  33. With this message, other channels should also reconsider relaying our messages as “the truth.”
  34. We are working hard to protect your world from those you sometimes call the “Illuminati.” But make no mistake, they cannot be defeated on a military or police basis. There are just too many of them. We only ask you to allow us to continue to do our work.
  35. Free energy” has been part of the deception. And you are not ready for the type of energy we use in our spacecraft. Continue to cope with the technologies you know.
  36. We were somewhat surprised to find such an idealistic and hard-working population on earth. We admire this, and it is one reason we are staying.
  37. Again: Many of you are hobbled by things like drug addictions. You must overcome these things.
  38. We just want to see you clean and sober.” Drug addiction is selfish.
  39. You are living souls. Learn to appreciate that gift.
  40. We don't see ourselves as souls in the same way that you see yourselves.
  41. Please pick your drugs wisely.”
  42. ...believe and rely more on facts. That’s all we are advising you to do.”
  43. December 2012 is a fairy tale, as close as we have been able to determine.
  44. Continue to treat each other with love and kindness and kid gloves, as you say...”
  45. We love you and we bid you a farewell...”

For someone prominent to come out on the internet with a message like this is unprecedented. Understand that I am not speaking of the details of the message, particularly. I am speaking of its tone, its attitude towards us, and its frankness. This is a huge change for the internet, and that is an important reason I am carrying this news on my blog.

Quite in addition to that, I believe that most of this message is much more down-to-earth and worthy of consideration than most messages we are receiving from "higher sources." So even if you only study my summary, I hope you will consider it well. And study the original message if you have the time. It goes over some fine points that I left out here.

Again: This is a change. Let us recognize it as one.