31 August, 2012

Running out of breathing room?

I get some amazing quotes sent to me because of some of the mailing lists I'm on, and here's another one (I have added emphasis):

We happen to be going through, temporarily, momentarily, only for an instant, a period when Man has made himself relatively free by the use of a machine.

A period which just succeeds after a period when he was terribly enslaved by a machine: the industrial—early days of industrialism with their twelve-, fourteen- hour days, with their smoke-belching factories that were eating out the lungs and wits of everybody in them.

That was a pretty grim period.

He had moved from one kind of slavery to another kind of slavery.

All right, he’s moved out of that.

This era is just succeeding that—

and just before the machine is employed for his utter enslavement.

The reason you’ve got Scientology is, to a large degree,

because it’s right here that there’s a breathing period on Earth.

Just a little breathing period.

I don’t know how many years it is from here to the other, but you’ve already seen it begin. You’ve already seen the second slavery stage start

and it started with Hiroshima.

L. Ron Hubbard

From the Philadelphia Doctorate Course (1952), Lecture #21

ARC/Cycles: Theory and Automaticity

My Teacher's Viewpoint

"...instead of worrying day and night about what the federal government is or is not going to do, instead of worrying about the fact that we apparently have no sweepingly effective leaders, and instead of worrying about what they did do or didn't do or what the army says or didn't say or what the navy says about the army, and so forth, instead of worrying about this sort of thing, would it not be possible to just skip it.

"That's a rather startling proposal, but just skip it and be effective by making it possible for a country to exist some time in the future. Instead of worrying about whether it exists now, or whether it's functioning now, let's just get down to the grass roots and begin to grow a country, person by person, guy by guy, IQ by IQ. And sooner or later these people will be smart enough to find some leaders and get a show on the road."

— L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Creating a Third Dynamic delivered on 30 December 1957. As found in The Ability Congress lectures.

28 August, 2012

My Church Speaks Out

About two years ago, CNN aired a series of anti-Scientology shows hosted by Anderson Cooper. The Church fought back through its Freedom Magazine.

Sometime between then and recently, Freedom has published an online exposee of the ex-Scientologists who are most actively contributing to the anti-church propaganda stories of the past few years. As of this date, this is the featured story on their website.

I just recently learned of this data and read through these articles.

I ask you to consider this: What other large organization would air its dirty laundry in this matter in an attempt to set the record straight? Though the material is in no way apologetic, many of these ex-Scientology staff members created huge problems for the church and other staff members while they were on post, and the reputation of my church suffered as a direct result.

I don't need to say or do anything to help my church defend itself; it is quite capable in this regard. But I would point out that these stories avail the reader with a unique opportunity to see how an insane person operates when given executive authority and what can happen as a result. If you are interested in this controversy, I hope you will read these articles.

02 August, 2012

ET Fruits and Vegetables

Cutting fruit open illustrates certain common design elements.

In his latest post, John Kettler has produced one of the funniest pieces about ET influence on earth that I have ever read.

To summarize the paleoanthropological data buried in his piece:

Ancient Greece was home to visitors from Antares.
People from Pegasus were early inhabitants of South America.
The land of avocados was originally settled by humans from the Pleiades.
The Aldebarans settled Germany, and we can blame Russia on beings from Tau Ceti.

Can you image a day when information like this is shared freely, with little concern for the sanity of its source? Let's go for it!