28 August, 2012

My Church Speaks Out

About two years ago, CNN aired a series of anti-Scientology shows hosted by Anderson Cooper. The Church fought back through its Freedom Magazine.

Sometime between then and recently, Freedom has published an online exposee of the ex-Scientologists who are most actively contributing to the anti-church propaganda stories of the past few years. As of this date, this is the featured story on their website.

I just recently learned of this data and read through these articles.

I ask you to consider this: What other large organization would air its dirty laundry in this matter in an attempt to set the record straight? Though the material is in no way apologetic, many of these ex-Scientology staff members created huge problems for the church and other staff members while they were on post, and the reputation of my church suffered as a direct result.

I don't need to say or do anything to help my church defend itself; it is quite capable in this regard. But I would point out that these stories avail the reader with a unique opportunity to see how an insane person operates when given executive authority and what can happen as a result.

02 August, 2012

Fruits and Vegetables

Cutting fruit open illustrates certain common design elements.

I have removed what I originally posted here, but liked the photo so have kept it.