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[We Didn't Dream Of It]

00:00:24,399 --> 00:00:26,089
How to become a millionaire?

00:00:26,089 --> 00:00:28,579
How to become rich?

00:00:28,579 --> 00:00:31,000
Advice that will help everybody.

00:00:31,000 --> 00:00:34,840
Take oranges for instance. They are a symbol of prosperity.
Keep them at home.

00:00:34,840 --> 00:00:37,399
From the lips of the richest people of the world.

00:00:37,399 --> 00:00:41,759
First of all, you should BELIEVE that you CAN become rich.

00:00:41,759 --> 00:00:44,079
How to save money during a crisis?

00:00:44,079 --> 00:00:47,880
Invest in Swiss Franc…

00:00:47,880 --> 00:00:50,000
And how to multiply it?

00:00:50,000 --> 00:00:54,600
There are certain activators of energy that will attract money to you.

00:00:54,600 --> 00:00:57,880
Why is there always a crime involved in big profit?

00:00:57,880 --> 00:01:00,240
At the foundation of every million, a "skeleton" lies buried.

00:01:00,240 --> 00:01:03,159
The truth about how the Rockefeller family became rich.

00:01:03,159 --> 00:01:05,439
He was working at the oil wells in Texas.

00:01:05,439 --> 00:01:10,040
The truth about Russian oligarches.

00:01:10,040 --> 00:01:14,120
Officially I am worth 205 billion dollars.

00:01:14,120 --> 00:01:16,920
What are the two richest families fighting over?

00:01:16,920 --> 00:01:21,959
Competition between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers has been going for a few centuries.

00:01:21,959 --> 00:01:25,120
What is a real reason for the beginning of two World Wars?

00:01:25,120 --> 00:01:29,000
Their main goal was to get control of the whole world.

00:01:29,000 --> 00:01:32,000
And what will be at the root of the Third World War?

00:01:32,000 --> 00:01:34,500
Any war is always a big business.

00:01:34,500 --> 00:01:36,560
Take a new look at the history

00:01:36,560 --> 00:01:40,319
and at the sensational truth about the rich conspiring against the rest of humanity.

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Watch this unique project of RenTV

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Student Book for Oligarches Part 1

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00:02:18,120 --> 00:02:27,439
You are looking at the people of St. Petersburg fighting with each other trying to catch 5000 ruble bills, which are literally falling from the sky.

00:02:27,439 --> 00:02:31,879
The bills are thrown out the window by Pavel Durov, the founder of, a social network in Russia.
[Pavel Durov]

00:02:31,879 --> 00:02:33,719
Right now he is only 28.

00:02:33,719 --> 00:02:44,400
But he is already worth eight billion rubles. This person can certainly afford to throw away stacks of 5000 ruble bills.

00:02:44,400 --> 00:02:49,280
And this is a typical Russian pensioner Emilia Borisovna Bespalova.

00:02:49,280 --> 00:02:58,759
Her pension is 10000 rubles per month. She says that she doesn't understand people like Mr. Durov because she can barely make ends meet with her pension.

00:02:58,759 --> 00:03:07,519
He is such a lout who puts himself above everybody else. He is mocking poor people.

00:03:07,520 --> 00:03:16,000
[Emilia Bespalova, pensioner]
If they have so much money why do they throw it? Give it away to orphanages, refuges… We have lots of homeless children.

00:03:16,000 --> 00:03:26,960
Help old people and large families… look at those families of ten living in one single room and never getting their own apartment. THAT is what needs to be done.

00:03:26,960 --> 00:03:33,639
But ordinary people in real life can rely only on themselves and on people close to them.

00:03:33,639 --> 00:03:42,360
This movie is about how to live your life in a way so you won't have to jump in the air trying to catch a 5000 ruble bill.

00:03:42,360 --> 00:03:45,879

00:03:45,879 --> 00:03:49,599
This is David Rockefeller. He is a 97 year old banker from America.

00:03:49,599 --> 00:03:55,360
Forbes magazine estimates his personal fortune at 3 billion dollars.

00:03:55,360 --> 00:04:06,599
But in real life his fortune is much bigger. He is an owner of the investment company "Rockefeller and Co." that controls about 30 billion dollars.

00:04:06,599 --> 00:04:16,120
Most of the big oil enterprises are also under his control. And his relatives have been in charge of military enterprises in the USA for a long time.

00:04:16,120 --> 00:04:25,639
[Andrew Maksimov, writer]
Rockefeller was a genius of business, just like Einstein was at physics.

00:04:25,639 --> 00:04:32,639
The biggest part of the empire was willed to David Rockefeller by his grandfather John Rockefeller.

00:04:32,639 --> 00:04:39,639
He was owner of enterprises that produced 95% of oil in America, 16 railroad companies and 9 steel mills, 9 big construction companies,

00:04:39,639 --> 00:04:52,000
6 steamships, 9 banks and thousand of hectares of agricultural goods.

00:04:52,000 --> 00:05:01,319
In 2007, Forbes magazine had estimated that by this time his fortune would be about 318 billion dollars.

00:05:01,319 --> 00:05:08,319
John Rockefeller has been the richest person of the Earth so far.

00:05:08,319 --> 00:05:18,040
But before the construction of his Great Empire, he started as a regular low paid accountant. He knew for sure how to become extremely rich.  [John Rockefeller]

00:05:18,040 --> 00:05:25,280
[Advice of Millionaire]
The rule of John Rockefeller: "One dollar saved today will bring five dollars in a month."

00:05:25,279 --> 00:05:42,039
[Vladimir Savenok, financial consultant]
A hundred years of history have shown that people who create profits on their own tend to follow principles of economy and savings.

00:05:42,040 --> 00:05:49,040
John Rockefeller was a lumberjack who was always attempting to shift the hard tasks onto the shoulders of his partners.

00:05:49,040 --> 00:05:55,040
And that is why he was not respected. But at the same time he was involved in questionable machinations regularly which either brought big money or led to abject poverty.

00:05:55,040 --> 00:05:58,279
His son David remembers:

00:05:58,279 --> 00:06:09,000
"He always bargained with me over different kinds of services and he taught me how to sell and how to buy. My father was training me to be rich.'

00:06:09,720 --> 00:06:14,199
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
Of course the Rockefellers are smart people…

00:06:14,199 --> 00:06:21,199
When John was only eight he would buy a pack of candies, sort them into different packages and re-sell them to his sisters with a small extra charge.

00:06:21,199 --> 00:06:28,199
Or he would catch turkeys, fatten them up and sell to a butcher.

00:06:28,199 --> 00:06:41,680
And he would not spend his money on toys or sweets like other kids, but he would keep it in his piggy bank and loan it to his dad with interest.

00:06:41,680 --> 00:06:46,680
When he was 13 he loaned fifty dollars to a farmer and charged interest. It was not a small amount that time.

00:06:46,680 --> 00:06:51,360
And he started formulating his own principles of success that will lead him to magical fortune in the future.

00:06:51,360 --> 00:07:06,000
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
He had to destroy something to make the first step. It was ok, if he would not expose himself.

00:07:07,720 --> 00:07:14,720
When he was 15 he took accounting classes, went to Cleveland, and got a position as an accountant's assistant.

00:07:14,720 --> 00:07:21,840
He remembered that day for the rest of his life like it was his birthday. He would come to work at 6:30 in the morning and leave at 11 in the evening.

00:07:21,839 --> 00:07:32,759
He didn't drink coffee or alcohol, didn't smoke, didn't go to parties or theaters. He was saving every penny. But he had also realized that you should work only for yourself.

00:07:32,759 --> 00:07:43,319
[Advice of Millionaire]
The rule of John Rockefeller: "He who works all day doesn't make money. The less you work for yourself the worse you live".

00:07:43,319 --> 00:07:49,319
[Vladimir Savenok, financial consultant]
The most profitable business is your own business. Everybody understands it.

00:07:49,319 --> 00:07:53,490
99% of all rich men of the world are owners of their businesses.

00:07:53,490 --> 00:07:58,490
Within three years of working as an accountant, Rockefeller had saved four thousand dollars.

00:07:58,490 --> 00:08:05,000
He became a partner in a firm that sold grain, hay and meat and invested his money in it.

00:08:05,000 --> 00:08:11,490
The official biography of the millionaire says that at the end of 19th century, when the Civil War started,

00:08:11,490 --> 00:08:18,000
Rockefeller acted like a real patriot and supplied food to the US army almost for free.

00:08:18,000 --> 00:08:21,600
You will be surprised when find out the truth.

00:08:21,600 --> 00:08:34,519
[Valentin Katasonov, economist]
Any civil war is a playground for a moneylender. Because the money is given on any terms to both sides and there is no time for bargaining.

00:08:34,519 --> 00:08:37,519
A war requires a lot of money.

00:08:37,519 --> 00:08:44,519
That is why anyone who throws kindling in it such as fuel, weapons, and food supplies makes a big fortune.

00:08:44,519 --> 00:08:53,679
John Rockefeller was no exception. Within a few years of Civil War he made 50 thousand dollars, equal to a few million dollars in our time.

00:08:53,679 --> 00:08:59,460
But this amount didn't compose the range of his ambitions.
Coming up next...

00:08:59,460 --> 00:09:03,200
The true story of becoming the richest oligarches.

00:09:03,200 --> 00:09:07,280
[Vladimir Savenok, financial consultant]
People make more money to spend more and live better.

00:09:07,279 --> 00:09:14,959
How did the richest family in the world make billions of dollars?  He organized the racketeering of oil wells in Texas.

00:09:14,960 --> 00:09:21,840
Why is there always a crime involved in big profit?
At the foundation of every million, a skeleton lies buried.

00:09:23,840 --> 00:09:26,480
Watch on RenTv right now.

00:09:26,480 --> 00:09:32,500

00:09:32,500 --> 00:09:35,840

00:09:35,840 --> 00:09:40,840
This is billionaire Nathan Rothschild. He is 41.

00:09:40,840 --> 00:09:45,159
He owns a private jet and always takes his gym and two personal masseurs with him.

00:09:45,159 --> 00:09:49,159
Rothschild runs his business all over the world from Siberia to Washington.

00:09:49,159 --> 00:09:54,159
He never spends more than four days in the same place.

00:09:54,159 --> 00:10:02,000
That is why he purchases apartments of no more than 300 square meters in prestigious areas of such cities as Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin, New York and Washington.

00:10:02,000 --> 00:10:07,000
Every apartment is two to three floors.

00:10:07,000 --> 00:10:14,039
Every apartment is equipped with the most advanced devices, silver dishes, and a greenhouse with a gardener.

00:10:14,039 --> 00:10:25,799
He owns an autopark in every city where he keeps cars made personally for him. Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes and racing bikes with a family logo, a bright red shield.

00:10:25,799 --> 00:10:31,039
[Vladimir Savenok, financial consultant]
It is absolutely normal to make more money and spend more to live better.

00:10:31,039 --> 00:10:35,039
He is officially worth only half a billion dollars.

00:10:35,039 --> 00:10:44,279
But according to the British newspaper "Observer," most of his fortune is stored in Swiss banks and is estimated up to 64 billion dollars.

00:10:44,279 --> 00:10:48,279
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
It is not a lot for the "richest person in the world."

00:10:48,279 --> 00:10:55,279
And the real worth of the Baron is 16 trillion dollars which is the same amount as the US national debt right now.

00:10:55,279 --> 00:11:04,000
So Baron Rothschild can cover the national debt of the USA and he will still have some money left for living.

00:11:05,799 --> 00:11:12,799
Believe or not, classmates of this future billionaire thought of him as a messy and abrupt rebel.

00:11:12,799 --> 00:11:19,799
Nathan Rothschild was a member of the university club "Burlington" which was full of hellbenders and alcoholics.

00:11:19,799 --> 00:11:28,639
By the way David Cameron (the current prime minister of Great Britain) was also a member of the club.

00:11:28,639 --> 00:11:36,639
[Olga Karpovich, writer]
Nobody could even guess that Nathan Rothschild would become the admirable heir of the will and would run their multimillion corporation.

00:11:36,639 --> 00:11:49,759
When he was young he was a rabble rouser at his university and was called reckless and dissociable with his family name.

00:11:51,759 --> 00:11:58,009
Nate would drink and party all night long and then sleep at the lectures wearing the same clothes, which would infuriate his teachers.

00:11:58,009 --> 00:12:09,200
Once Mr. Rothschild knocked a toilet booth over the hill while his friend was using it.

00:12:09,200 --> 00:12:17,920
Gray haired professors were trying to dismiss Nathan, but the principal of the school had always stopped them, because Nathan's father was a main sponsor of the college and had good connections with the royal family in Great Britain.

00:12:17,919 --> 00:12:21,240
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
It was quite a powerful family.

00:12:21,240 --> 00:12:28,190
He is the most desirable bachelor in the world. Nathan is very popular among women, but it is difficult for them to get his attention.

00:12:28,190 --> 00:12:35,190
This is British model Annabelle Neilson. She was Nate's first wife and also his first unwise decision.

00:12:35,190 --> 00:12:43,160
Nathan's father Jacob Rothschild found out about his son's marriage from newspapers, became furious, and asked Nathan to divorce immediately.

00:12:43,159 --> 00:13:02,870
[Olga Karpovich, writer]
Nathan and his wife would gladly pose in front of paparazzi for pictures and Nathan would act in public just the same as he did before marriage. They both drank, partied, had fun, and felt great.

00:13:02,870 --> 00:13:12,639
In 1997 it seemed like Mr. Rothschild became a different person. He started to listen to his father, divorced his wife, and stopped partying and drinking. He started attending synagogue on the regular basis.

00:13:12,639 --> 00:13:24,240
This was the same year his cousin Amschel hung himself. And after that another cousin, 23 year old Rafael Rothschild, died in Manhattan due to drug overdose.

00:13:24,240 --> 00:13:36,879
Malicious gossip would say that this has mostly benefited senior Jacob Rothschild, who was tired of seeing his young relatives waste his money and disgrace the family name.

00:13:36,879 --> 00:13:43,480
[Advice of Millionaire]
The rule of Mayer Rothschild:
He who owns information, owns the world.

00:13:43,480 --> 00:13:48,200
It is interesting that after divorcing his wife. Nathan was not in a rush to get married again.

00:13:48,200 --> 00:13:55,140
He is often noticed in company of the most beautiful women of the world, mostly brunettes. But it doesn't go further than that.

00:13:55,139 --> 00:14:01,559
The last girlfriend that journalists assigned to him was American actress Natalie Portman.

00:14:01,559 --> 00:14:07,439
Even though both the millionaire and the beauty queen deny their close relationships.

00:14:11,120 --> 00:14:21,330
In 2012 news traveled around the world: 76 year old Jacob Rothschild leaves his business. Economists and politicians guess that the throne will be passed to a new king, his son Nathan Rothschild.

00:14:21,330 --> 00:14:31,480
Now he is the richest and the most powerful man of the world. And only one person can try to compete with him.

00:14:31,480 --> 00:14:44,960
It is 96 year old David Rockefeller. Interesting that Nathan didn't make the biggest part of his fortune, but inherited it. Just like David Rockefeller.

00:14:44,960 --> 00:14:53,440
The history of Rothschild Family has lasted for 250 years. But not a lot of people know the real truth about how they made their first million.

00:14:53,440 --> 00:15:04,680
[Olga Greig, historian]
The first money was made by Mayer Amschel. He lived in a Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt am Main, and his family had an antique business.

00:15:04,679 --> 00:15:12,799
Mayer lived in poverty. His antique shop was only four square meters. To become rich he had to devise a scheme.

00:15:12,799 --> 00:15:19,799
Mayer Amschel decided that the most successful and fastest way to get rich was to make connections with the royal family. Prince William Hackolski of Germany was a coin collector.

00:15:19,799 --> 00:15:34,120
That is why when General general Von Estorff visited his shop, Mr. Amschel handed the best collection of coins over Prince William.

00:15:34,120 --> 00:15:38,600
Afterwards, Mayer Amschel was invited to attend one of the social events in the royal house.

00:15:38,600 --> 00:15:44,720
[Advice of Millionaire]
The rule of Mayer Rothschild:
The more you socialize with people, the more money they will bring to you.

00:15:44,720 --> 00:15:53,399
[Vladimir Savenok, financial consultant]
Money always comes through people's connections. When you are well known, you offer something like products or services and people buy it.

00:15:53,399 --> 00:15:59,039
[Yury Matrosov, business trainer]
You have to be a sociable person. Only in the process of socialization can you make new connections.

00:15:59,039 --> 00:16:05,039
Mayer slowly starts gaining the Prince's confidence. He strongly encourages his interest in coins.

00:16:05,039 --> 00:16:12,269
He would find the best medals and antique coins. He spent nights at the palace listening to the endless stories about coins.

00:16:12,269 --> 00:16:19,269
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
A young person, who had a small collection of antique coins passed to him by his dad, makes connections with one of the most powerful monarchs of Europe.

00:16:19,269 --> 00:16:35,840
And slowly this poor guy becomes the main financial adviser for the local electorate, and of course becomes rich.

00:16:35,840 --> 00:16:42,039
Once Karl Marx said: 'At the base of any fortune there is a crime'.

00:16:42,039 --> 00:16:46,320
The family history of the Rothschilds absolutely supports his words.

00:16:46,320 --> 00:16:57,000
Only within few months Mayer became so close to the prince that was assigned to be a head of German Treasury. The monarch didn't even know that his new friend was robbing him.

00:16:57,000 --> 00:17:02,519
Mayer would loan big amount of money from the Treasury and even opened his own bank.

00:17:02,519 --> 00:17:13,480
The word rothschild means a red shield. It later became his family symbol that they would hang on their house in Frankfurt.

00:17:13,480 --> 00:17:23,480
Rothschild's family becomes rich very fast. The Prince believes Mayer without any doubt despite of lots of denunciations and reports of robberies by the head of the Treasury.

00:17:23,480 --> 00:17:30,480
Continuous wars in Europe didn't let his banking business grow fast enough. But Mayer Rothschild solved that problem too.

00:17:30,480 --> 00:17:37,839
He sent five of his sons to five largest cities: Paris, London, Vienna, Naples and Frankfurt am Main.

00:17:37,839 --> 00:17:43,839
And so he opened a family bank in each city which allowed him to build the very first multinational corporation in the world.

00:17:43,839 --> 00:17:49,559
Five arrows that are shown on the red shield symbolize five sons.

00:17:49,559 --> 00:17:57,559
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
Let's call him the grandfather of the Rothschilds. He sent five of his sons to different cities and organized a bank network that didn't have borders…

00:17:57,559 --> 00:18:05,720
even despite the fact that the countries were at war.

00:18:05,720 --> 00:18:11,880
The war with Napoleon had also become a very profitable business for the Rothschilds.

00:18:11,880 --> 00:18:17,880
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
Large amount of his profit was invested in British securities.

00:18:17,880 --> 00:18:26,000
And of course, when the final fight with Napoleon was about to happen, if the coalition against Britain struck, those securities would loose value immediately.

00:18:32,000 --> 00:18:37,000
Not a lot of people know that there was a personal unit sent by Rothschild to Waterloo to watch the final fight.

00:18:37,000 --> 00:18:44,000
The head of the Rothschild unit was the first person in Europe to find out about Napoleon's fiasco.

00:18:44,000 --> 00:18:51,400
Without any explanations he started to sell British securities. It brought a massive panic at London Stock Exchange.

00:18:51,400 --> 00:18:58,400
Everybody thought that Napoleon won and started to sell their own shares. Rothschild's agents would buy British securities almost for nothing.

00:18:58,400 --> 00:19:03,279
Only by the end of the day did it become known that Napoleon was crushed.

00:19:03,279 --> 00:19:05,960
The price for the securities went up times ten… along with the fortune of the Rothschilds.

00:19:05,960 --> 00:19:15,440
They became the richest family in Europe making a huge amount of money within only one day - 40 million pounds sterling.

00:19:15,440 --> 00:19:22,480
[Advice of Millionaire]
The rule of Mayer Rothschild:
The word "Serve" comes from the word "Serf" (Slave). Don't lower yourself to serve.

00:19:22,480 --> 00:19:24,599
Coming up next:

00:19:24,599 --> 00:19:26,599
What is Energy of Money?
And how to train yourself to Use it ?

00:19:26,599 --> 00:19:29,500
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
Money is alive.

00:19:29,500 --> 00:19:33,480
[Alexey Inozemtcev, enterprenuer]
You need to talk to money as if it is alive… and ask its advice.

00:19:33,480 --> 00:19:37,200
How to save money during crisis?

00:19:37,200 --> 00:19:37,920
Invest in Swiss Franc…

00:19:37,920 --> 00:19:40,200
And how to multiply it?

00:19:40,200 --> 00:19:45,500
There are certain activators of energy that will attract money to you.

00:19:47,880 --> 00:19:54,880
This is Ludmila and Vladimir Afanasenko. They are successful business trainers. Their services cost from one to 20 thousand a day.

00:19:54,880 --> 00:20:00,720
Their clients are already wealthy businessmen who understand that there is a whole philosophy behind Money.

00:20:00,720 --> 00:20:06,039
If you want to have money, first of all have a habit to be rich.

00:20:06,039 --> 00:20:12,759
Any person can be successful, but people have their own level of richness. And it is important to know that level.

00:20:12,759 --> 00:20:26,400
The Afanasenkos think that every person is given certain extent of money. If you live a simple life, go to work like everybody, rest like everybody and plan only one day ahead, you will always have a minimum amount of money.

00:20:26,400 --> 00:20:33,400
[Vladimir Afanasenko, entrepreneur, business-trainer]
Every one of us have potential that we have inherited from our ancestors.

00:20:33,400 --> 00:20:40,400
And we are the top of the pyramid, and seven generations have collected the energy and potential, namely potential of desires.

00:20:40,400 --> 00:20:53,519
And up to a certain point we are the carriers and the performers of their desires. And it happens until we learn how to operate our tool - the tool of self-fulfillment.

00:20:55,519 --> 00:21:03,559
Experts say you should not to desire to become rich too much. To be a slave of money is dangerous for your mental health.

00:21:03,559 --> 00:21:12,000
You should remember that this crunchy and desired piece of paper is only an instrument to buy a new model of a phone, a car…

00:21:12,000 --> 00:21:22,000
[Ludmila Afanasenko, business-trainer]
It always happens that a person desires to have money. And this is a big mistake… and a big mousetrap. Lets look at a person who doesn't have enough means and he wants money.

00:21:22,000 --> 00:21:35,440
It immediately blocks the person. Because it is impossible to desire energy as it is. Money is derivative and comes from action.

00:21:35,440 --> 00:21:47,640
To everybody who wants to become rich, experts suggest to picture the following: your money is the snow. You can't collect a lot of it in your hands just like the snow. It will melt and flow away through your fingers.

00:21:47,640 --> 00:21:56,920
That's the way the Afanasenko believe money is a concentrated as energy in the world we inhabit. You just need to allow it to go through you.

00:21:56,920 --> 00:22:08,800
What is money? Money is a Spirit Conductor. It is a Social Body of Material. It is a single measurement of everything that a human being has created. Money is a power which a person gets access to as he learns it.

00:22:08,799 --> 00:22:15,799
One more rule: Money should not come to a person too early. It is extremely dangerous to become rich before you turn 40.

00:22:15,799 --> 00:22:20,799
There is a special personal training and certain knowledge involved in owning profit.

00:22:20,799 --> 00:22:27,079
That is why the richest people in the world never pass business to their heirs until they turn 40.

00:22:27,079 --> 00:22:34,399
[Vladimir Afanasenko, entrepreneur, business-trainer]
The physical body needs to be ready to accept the energy flow. Being rich is a stressful process.

00:22:34,400 --> 00:22:40,400
"Poverty IS a defect… despite the saying that tells otherwise",- says Ludmila Afanasenko,- "And richness is NOT a sin".

00:22:40,400 --> 00:22:49,960
There is no need to contract the soul richness and the richness in a financial aspect. It is not a contrast, it is a consequence.

00:22:49,960 --> 00:23:11,200
If a person is so brave and he is a leader, he doesn't set a goal or a task. He says: "I want to do it! It is interesting, I am full of energy". And as a result the whole universe comes forward to him.

00:23:15,920 --> 00:23:27,600
This is one of the biggest companies in the world- German Metallurgy Concern 'ThyssenKrupp'. Its annual income is about 60 billion dollars. And its net profit is more than one billion.

00:23:31,599 --> 00:23:42,000
Not a lot of people know that the last person of Krupp Dynasty, Alfred Krupp, was a close companion of Adolf Hitler. During World War II he was coordinating the work of all military industrial enterprises of Germany and the occupied countries.

00:23:42,960 --> 00:24:00,200
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
The Krupps, just like other German industrialists, didn't have room to expand. That is why everybody relied on Hitler's success. Hitler gave military orders and built up German military machinery. Hitler was the one who had to start the production where the big money was involved.

00:24:00,200 --> 00:24:08,200
The famous Tiger and Panther tanks of the German army were manufactured at the Krupp's factory. Krupp supplied the Wehrmacht forces with the most advanced technological equipment.

00:24:08,200 --> 00:24:17,240
But the foundation of his weapon empire was set a hundred years before World War II by his great grandfather.

00:24:18,240 --> 00:24:31,000
[Olga Karpovich, writer]
At the beginning of 19th century the Krupps were practically nobodies. They owned a small workshop with seven people working in it and they were on the brink of bankruptcy.

00:24:33,000 --> 00:24:39,319
How did this small workshop become one of the biggest metallurgy empire in the world?

00:24:39,319 --> 00:24:48,960
In 1833 there was a big meteor shower above Europe. A lot of people believed that the end of the world was close, and they started to sell their properties at low cost.

00:24:48,960 --> 00:24:55,920
At that time a young Krupp asked his mother to take on more debt to buy some land and properties that had suddenly fallen in price.

00:24:55,920 --> 00:25:10,840
And, as we know, the world did not end. And Alfred gladly sold the real estate back to its original owners at ten times what he bought it for. That was the origination of the profit that built the powerful empire of Krupps.

00:25:12,839 --> 00:25:23,759
[Vladimir Savenok, financial consultant]
Right now there is a potential to start a business with no money and grow, through the internet for example. That is why a goal and a desire should be placed first.

00:25:23,759 --> 00:25:36,799
With his first profit acquired, Mr. Krupp could expand production. First he started with the production of train wheels. But desire to make weapons was in his blood, and soon he started to create samples of cannons and guns.

00:25:37,799 --> 00:25:59,000
[Roman Zlotnikov, writer]
Almost all stories about big businesses sound like people worked really hard to get there to become millionaires. They are all a big lie. At the foundation of every million, a "skeleton" lies buried.

00:26:00,359 --> 00:26:11,759
World War I had solved all of the Krupps family financial problems. The business was insured for many years ahead and made a fantastic amount of money.

00:26:11,759 --> 00:26:18,200
World War II helped him to gain control of all of industrial Germany and its occupied countries.

00:26:18,200 --> 00:26:37,120
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
You can talk about Krupp like you would talk about a big brand name like Hugo Boss. He was just a tailor. And he got the order to make a uniform for Hitler's army. The famous uniform of Hitler's SS was designed by Hugo Boss…

00:26:37,119 --> 00:26:51,519
And nothing changed. The fact that he was a designer of Nazi uniform didn't stop him from becoming Hugo Boss,- one of the leading brands in America.

00:26:51,519 --> 00:26:54,829
Coming up next…

00:26:54,829 --> 00:26:57,160
What are the two richest families fighting over?

00:26:57,160 --> 00:27:03,880
Competition between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers has been going for a few centuries.

00:27:03,880 --> 00:27:05,400
What is a real reason for the beginning of World War I?

00:27:05,400 --> 00:27:11,279
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
If not for World War I, the USA would never have become such a powerful country.

00:27:11,279 --> 00:27:17,279
[John Rockefeller]
And how one of the richest men in the world asked God to be forgiven before he passed away.

00:27:17,279 --> 00:27:22,359
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
To become rich is almost the same as to become a suicidal.

00:27:22,359 --> 00:27:27,920
All after commercials, on RenTv.

00:27:27,920 --> 00:27:30,799
Student Book for Oligarches

00:27:30,799 --> 00:27:35,599

00:27:35,599 --> 00:27:49,719
Today we will train in a slightly different format. It will be abridged. And one of the subjects we are going to cover: how to find an investor, how to borrow money from him, and how to hide from him so he will not find you.

00:27:49,720 --> 00:27:52,119
That was a joke.

00:27:52,119 --> 00:28:05,519
This is business trainer Yury Matrosov. He has created a few dozen business models in the past years for projects ranging from software to law consultations, to the construction of office buildings.

00:28:05,519 --> 00:28:16,759
He has been doing this business for about 15 years and made a good amount of money. And today he is training other businessmen, sharing his own experience.

00:28:16,759 --> 00:28:32,480
This is the most important resource that everybody has. It is given at birth and it is taken back at death. It is time. Right now we will estimate how much money your time costs.

00:28:32,480 --> 00:28:37,519
For this exact purpose I will need one person from the audience.

00:28:37,519 --> 00:28:55,879
Yury is helping one member of the audience, Eugene, to estimate how much money he needs to make his desires become reality: buy an apartment in Moscow, buy a house in the country, buy a good car. To buy all that Eugene will need 45,700,000 Rub. With the money he makes now it will take 152 years.

00:28:55,880 --> 00:29:08,000
Yury helps his clients to understand that their current salary is not what they should settle for. For example, Eugene should make 152,000 Rub per month.

00:29:08,000 --> 00:29:16,880
This is the time to think about your goals, realization of your goals, and how to create something that will bring you more than you make right now.

00:29:16,880 --> 00:29:25,640
To understand what salary you need to make your dreams come true is only the first step to change your life.
(On the chalkboard: [center:wealth] [success] [family] [money] [projects])

00:29:25,640 --> 00:29:38,880
Vladimir Krasnoshtanov came to this business training seminar with only one goal: Become Rich. He is a student of Moscow Aviation School. He understands that in order to become rich he needs to start today.

00:29:38,880 --> 00:29:42,240
He came to find out what mistakes should be avoided in business in the future.

00:29:42,240 --> 00:30:06,079
[Vladimir Krasnoshtanov, student of Moscow Aviation School]
My goal is full financial independence. That means I won't be in need of anything. I would like to have my own apartment, a car, a house, I don't know… second apartment and another car and a yacht!

00:30:06,079 --> 00:30:20,599
Business-trainer Yury Morozov teaches that the way to Vladimir's dreams comes not just through knowledge of market, high technology, or having original assets. Half the battle is your own personal qualities. Work at yourself.

00:30:20,599 --> 00:30:44,399
The first quality a person should have to start his own business is purposefulness. The second quality is persistence, because without that you might stop in the process of gaining success. The third quality is an analytical mind. You should always think how the target audience is going to react to the service you offer.

00:30:44,400 --> 00:30:50,599
Experts say having the know how to make money is a talent, and it is given to a person by nature.

00:30:50,599 --> 00:30:55,480
Do you know that the amount of money in your wallet is predefined at your birth?

00:30:55,480 --> 00:31:06,559
[Ludmila Afanasenko, business-trainer]
Money is energy. And the ability to let this flow of energy go through a person is different.

00:31:10,319 --> 00:31:21,759
While Alfred Krupp was building his weapons empire in Europe, John Rockefeller was finishing construction of his oil factory in the USA. John would bring to ruin his competitors and absorb their businesses into his own.

00:31:21,759 --> 00:31:31,119
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
The first American capitalists came from robbers. This is not a hidden truth.

00:31:31,119 --> 00:31:47,839
Rockefeller understood that if he gained control of the railroad and charged a high price for his services, he could bring to ruin his competitors. The transportation cost of oil via railroad in Cleveland swallowed up the actual profit of oil production. Oil companies simply couldn't afford it and were ruined.

00:31:47,839 --> 00:32:03,959
[Roman Zlotnikov, writer]
He bought the first railroad, and set a price for oil transportation. Neighbor railroads started to ruin. He would buy them until he had a monopoly, and then he immediately increased the price.

00:32:03,960 --> 00:32:15,319
As soon as Rockefeller would get a small share of an enterprise, he would force its owner out of business. It all was happening so fast that the owner couldn't understand why he was not the one making decisions any more.

00:32:15,319 --> 00:32:29,919
When people stood up for their businesses… well, gangsters were hired. And business owners were either killed right away or they were under constant pressure, or their relatives were murdered.

00:32:29,920 --> 00:32:45,519
Later this way of running the business journalists would call 'Shooting at Cleveland'. Soon Rockefeller was in control of 95% of oil production in the country and became a founder of the company 'Standard Oil Company'.

00:32:45,519 --> 00:32:59,639
For his way of running his business, his craftiness his unscrupulous behavior, he was called 'Mephistopheles of Cleveland'. Even his employees, who were paid pretty well, were scaring their children: 'Don't cry or John Rockefeller will take you away'.

00:32:59,640 --> 00:33:16,000
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
He wasn't interested in money, but in the process. And this calm and respectful gentleman would become incredibly happy when he could trick his partner.

00:33:17,000 --> 00:33:36,240
But not everything was easily achieved as it seemed. He was getting richer and richer every day, but in 1911 the US Supreme Court made a decision to divide Standard Oil Company in 34 independent companies. It seemed like the big empire that was so hard to build was ruined.

00:33:37,240 --> 00:33:48,319
However the price of these companies went so high, that Rockefeller officially loosing the case, actually multiplied his fortune. The millionaire laughed at the Court decision.

00:33:49,319 --> 00:33:55,679
[Advice of Millionaire]
The Rule o John Rockefeller:
'Try to change a failure into a new opportunity'.

00:33:55,680 --> 00:34:03,440
[Vladimir Savenok, financial consultant]
If person doesn't want to take on responsibility, he is just another screw in the machine. For a person who is not ready to take actions and is not ready to be a leader, there will be no business.

00:34:03,440 --> 00:34:19,400
[Nadezhda Kopytina, enterpreneur]
You need to be responsible. With no responsibility for your life, your decisions, your actions there is no fortune.

00:34:19,400 --> 00:34:29,320
Industrial espionage, bankrupting competitors, dismissing thousands of workers to save money- all of it was taught to us by John Rockefeller. He loved to repeat...

00:34:29,320 --> 00:34:37,480
[Advice of Millionaire]
The Rule of John Rockefeller:
"I don't need thinking people, I need working people." And he followed this principle until the end.

00:34:37,480 --> 00:34:53,400
[Roman Zlotnikov, writer]
John Rockefeller was the first one to bribe delegates, governors and prosecutors on a large scale. He also was one of the first people to buy their own presidents.

00:34:54,400 --> 00:35:11,840
At the beginning of 20th century John was known as the richest man in the world. His empire among all was called the most powerful and most brutal at the same time. Standard Oil Company brought him about 3 million dollars a year. Today this amount would be equal to 90 million dollars.

00:35:11,840 --> 00:35:34,000
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
The economic power of the USA was not as strong as European countries and Russian Empire. The Rockefellers understood that it would not be easy to compete with the Rothschilds. To pressure the Rothschilds they started to organize preparation of World War I.

00:35:35,000 --> 00:35:51,440
Not a lot of people know that World War I was prepared by the American Elite to undermine the power of European countries and Russia. The Rockefellers had their own goals. It was then that the Rockefellers started to fight with another rich family - the Rothschilds, whose actives were held in Europe.

00:35:52,440 --> 00:35:59,760
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
The Rothschilds fight with the Rockefellers and the Rockefellers fight with the Rothschilds. It was the constant fight between two clans.

00:35:59,760 --> 00:36:19,040
To start Warld War I 'Mephistopheles of Cleveland' was actively sponsoring German Emperor Wilhelm II. Through the bribed courtiers John tried to convince Kaiser to bring the end of British Empire. He was also actively financing Krupp's factories to increase military production in Germany.

00:36:20,039 --> 00:36:28,880
[Velentin Katasonov, economist]
Rockefellers, Morgans, Farben Industry, and companies that were formally German but had capital in America,- they all were involved.

00:36:28,880 --> 00:36:48,599
However, World War I was advantageous for the Rockefellers not only because it would weaken the Rothschilds. The Industrial Age was coming which would open the Oil Production Age. As the billionaire was in control of almost all oil production on the Earth, the war between two powerful countries promised big money.

00:36:49,599 --> 00:37:00,039
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
World War I led to the point that Rockefeller took over the oil mines in the Near and Middle East.

00:37:01,039 --> 00:37:17,079
Rockefeller didn't only supply the American military and navy with oil products, he began weaponry production. And he would sell these products to both sides of war in Europe.

00:37:17,079 --> 00:37:30,119
[Advice of Millionaire]
The Rule o John Rockefeller:
Give 10% of your profit to charities. Not because of the sense of obligations, but because of a sincere desire to make someone's life better.

00:37:30,119 --> 00:37:41,000
It would seem impossible, but after all the crimes Rockefeller committed to become rich, he publicly stated how important it is to help people.

00:37:41,320 --> 00:38:04,039
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
First task was to forget about or to hide the facts behind how he earned his original profit, then to make that profit seem clean, transfer it to a legalized business sector and continue the business.

00:38:04,039 --> 00:38:17,360
It is possible that to atone for his dark past, John Rockefeller started extensive philanthropy and patronage work. Journalists say that he spent about half of his fortune on charities.

00:38:18,360 --> 00:38:32,640
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
Original assets… Right now we are talking about Rockefeller's group as a financial production group, but not gangsters' group.

00:38:32,639 --> 00:38:51,119
What if by the end of his life John Rockefeller thought about his sins and decided to atone? He had five children and a lot of grandchildren. What if watching his grandchildren grow, he wanted to shield them from all dirt and crime his whole life was based on?

00:38:51,119 --> 00:39:04,480
Maybe that is why a lot of legends of how he acquired fortune thanks to discipline and chariness were made up. At least these principles were taught to his children and grandchildren.

00:39:04,480 --> 00:39:29,800
[Roman Zlotnikov, writer]
As a family education, it was tradition to use children as servants at social events. For example, the family invites friends and relatives to dinner. Rockefeller children bring meals and drinks. And if a child gets a tip of ten cents, he would gladly accept it saying "Thank you, Sir".

00:39:29,800 --> 00:39:45,920
He would pay children two cents for a killed fly and ten cents for sharpening pencils. Nothing was despairing from his house and clothes were passed down to the younger child. That is why his only son was forced to wear girly clothes.

00:39:45,920 --> 00:39:56,559
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
In order to pass his fortune, he had to brainwash his children into believing a morally sound version of how he made his fortune. He had to teach his heritors that money should not only come to their pockets, but also leave it.

00:39:56,559 --> 00:40:09,759
John Rockefeller had a dream when he was a child: to earn 100 000 dollars and to live 100 years. But he made 318 billion dollars and died at 97 instead.

00:40:09,760 --> 00:40:20,520
His son, 96 year old David Rockefeller has 6 children and 10 grandchildren. Among them there are artists, ecologists, masons, but no one who could become his recipient.

00:40:20,519 --> 00:40:26,599
Coming up next: Part 2
Unknown pages of the history: Who made the poor lance-corporal Hitler rich?

00:40:26,599 --> 00:40:28,239
Hitler went abroad to get money.

00:40:28,239 --> 00:40:31,679
Who was the founder of Third Reich theory?

00:40:31,679 --> 00:40:35,039
And who is the real author of Mien Kampf?

00:40:35,039 --> 00:40:36,119
America sponsored Hitler.

00:40:36,119 --> 00:40:39,800
Who founded Nazism, why, and who made money from it?

00:40:39,800 --> 00:40:49,079
They had no desire to give away gold when they could just keep it with them.

00:40:49,079 --> 00:40:55,719
Exclusive interview with American economist David Wilcock about the most audacious plot in our time.

00:40:55,719 --> 00:41:06,440
…Yet police have announced that David Hutzler has shot his own son, set his house on fire, and then shot himself.

00:41:06,440 --> 00:41:08,619
Unique documents colored with human blood.

00:41:08,619 --> 00:41:12,320
It is just the right time to make money when there are rivers of blood.

00:41:12,320 --> 00:41:14,639
Secret plan about changing the world.

00:41:14,639 --> 00:41:18,320
It was an accidental information leak…

00:41:18,320 --> 00:41:21,679
What happens to anybody who encroaches on the power of the dollar.

00:41:21,679 --> 00:41:30,679
Leaders who act against economic dependence on West end up very bad.

00:41:30,679 --> 00:41:34,239
How America makes the whole world finance their wars.

00:41:34,239 --> 00:41:41,880
There were so many dollars printed that for the past ten years it has depreciated 680 %.

00:41:41,880 --> 00:41:48,160
Coming up next.. Part 2 of this unique project of RenTV.

00:42:01,159 --> 00:42:05,480

00:42:05,480 --> 00:42:09,559
Exclusive interview with the richest man in the world.

00:42:09,559 --> 00:42:12,559
Officially I am worth 205 billion dollars.

00:42:12,559 --> 00:42:19,679
And shocking secret from American economist David Wilcock about the most audacious plot of our time.

00:42:19,679 --> 00:42:24,400
Their goal is to take over the whole world.

00:42:24,400 --> 00:42:26,800
What was the reason for the beginning of World War II?

00:42:26,800 --> 00:42:28,039
It was advantageous to everybody.

00:42:28,039 --> 00:42:31,159
Who made Hitler rich?

00:42:31,159 --> 00:42:33,320
America sponsored Hitler.

00:42:33,320 --> 00:42:35,460
Unique documents colored with human blood.

00:42:35,460 --> 00:42:39,760
It is just the right time to make money when there are rivers of blood.

00:42:39,760 --> 00:42:42,920
Secret plan about changing the world.

00:42:42,920 --> 00:42:45,039
It was an accidental information leak…

00:42:45,039 --> 00:42:51,119
Actual facts about 20th century history that will change your point of view about modern times.

00:42:51,119 --> 00:42:54,800
Watch this unique project of RenTV.

00:42:54,800 --> 00:43:08,719

00:43:08,719 --> 00:43:11,159

00:43:11,159 --> 00:43:21,679
[July 2012, US Treasury]
In July of 2012 a man walked into the US Treasury to claim one billion dollars.

00:43:21,679 --> 00:43:27,639
Security immediately arrested this suspicious person and called the police and FBI.

00:43:27,639 --> 00:43:38,960
At first the police and FBI agents thought they were dealing with a regular counterfeiter. They were just surprised at his impertinence in walking into the Treasury and demand one billion dollars in cash.

00:43:38,960 --> 00:43:44,199
The man's bonds were sent to the US Department of Finance for a special investigation.

00:43:44,199 --> 00:43:56,119
[David Wilcock, economist]
Of course it was naive to think that Americans would issue a great amount of money to heaven knows who. They arrested him and started asking questions.

00:43:56,119 --> 00:44:01,280
FBI agents searched the declarer's hotel room.

00:44:01,280 --> 00:44:14,880
To their surprise they found three bronze cases full of even more bonds, and each of them was worth a billion dollars.

00:44:14,880 --> 00:44:33,960
That is how they look. They were unique documents stamped by the US Government. Each of the bonds found in the cases were titled:  Federal Reserve Bond of 1934.

00:44:33,960 --> 00:44:48,119
This document announces that the full amount of 250 billion dollars is verified by the Federal Reserve System and is subject to redeem for a period of 30 years with an interest rate of 4% per annum.

00:44:48,119 --> 00:44:57,039
The media immediately released the fact which the US Government was trying to so thoroughly cover up. It became known as secret series 1934.

00:44:57,039 --> 00:45:14,000
Bonds of this series were issued in 1934. The US Government had printed them just before World War II in exchange for large amounts of valuables and gold, and they belonged to the heads of European countries and big bankers.

00:45:14,599 --> 00:45:20,840
When FBI agents examined the documents, they immediately passed the case to the top…

00:45:20,840 --> 00:45:28,039
[USA National Security Agency]
to the USA National Security Agency. It was an American citizen, who worked in a resort business in Brazil, who tried to redeem these bonds.

00:45:28,039 --> 00:45:31,840
[Joseph Riad]
His name was Joseph Riad.

00:45:31,840 --> 00:45:40,559
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
His claim was real… And if it was cashed, the whole economy of the USA would crash all at once…

00:45:41,559 --> 00:45:55,000
According to the suspect's words, he got the valuable documents in 2002 from the owner of one bankrupted bank. Joseph's business was doing great and he had invested in that bank 50 million dollars.

00:45:56,000 --> 00:46:06,039
When the bank declared its bankruptcy, Riad received from his debtor 750 US Government securities with a nominal value of 1 billion each.

00:46:06,039 --> 00:46:10,599
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
His investments were questionable or there were no investments at all.

00:46:10,599 --> 00:46:22,719
[Joseph Riad]
Mr. Riad at first didn't believe in the authenticity of the received bonds, either. It was hard to believe that there was a single bond valued at one billion dollars.

00:46:22,719 --> 00:46:35,799
He decided that the banker was trying to trick him to keep a multimillion dollar debt. But there was nothing to take due to the bankruptcy anyway. That is why he took the obligations and left them at one of the Brazil offices.

00:46:35,800 --> 00:46:43,480
Next time he remembered he owned them was only seven years later when he saw the news on TV in 2009.

00:46:46,679 --> 00:46:53,919
It is hard to believe that this man wearing an inexpensive suit, sitting in a small office is the richest man in the world.

00:46:53,920 --> 00:47:00,760
Russian entrepreneur Artem Tarasov states that he owns bonds worth a few billion US dollars.

00:47:00,760 --> 00:47:10,119
[Artem Tarasov, entrpreneur]
We invested money that time in the National Bond issued in 1982 by the Soviet Union.

00:47:10,119 --> 00:47:22,559
International Experts Committee estimated that every ruble of this bond obligation is worth 2058,69 rubles. But Artem Tarasov has 3 billion of them.

00:47:22,559 --> 00:47:36,000
If you multiply 2058,69 rub and my 3 billion rub I will be the richest man in the world. I officially have 205 billion dollars.

00:47:36,000 --> 00:47:49,320
Once Artem Tarasov was indicated as the first Soviet millionaire. At the end of USSR, he was a founder of the corporation 'Technika' which sold computers and brought him a fantastic amount of money.

00:47:49,320 --> 00:47:57,000
[Legal Millionaire]
Tarasov's name was on the front page of all newspapers in the world, when he officially issued a salary of 3 million rubles to himself and paid all applicable taxes.

00:47:57,800 --> 00:48:01,719
Part of his money he later invested in bonds.

00:48:01,719 --> 00:48:10,360
Today all bond obligations are saved. Russia recognized them as an official debt of Russia before its citizens.

00:48:10,360 --> 00:48:22,000
205 billion dollars is half the annual budget of Russia. An issuance of this amount would cause not only default in Russia, but also default of WTC partner countries.

00:48:23,000 --> 00:48:28,079
Artem Tarasov still counts on receiving this money and fears for his life.

00:48:28,079 --> 00:48:53,159
[Artem Tarasov, entrpreneur]
It would be pointless to kill me today. Because I made a will and it is secured in a hidden place. And in case of my strange and unexpected death, my fortune will be passed to the most powerful international organization. And Russia will have to pay this organization the full amount.

00:48:53,159 --> 00:49:07,440
It is interesting that the richest man in the world can't spend a penny of his own money. And what is even more interesting that your own personal savings can turn into the same stack of wastepaper, like has happened to the billions of dollars of Artem Tarasov.

00:49:12,000 --> 00:49:18,880
[Archival footage, 2009]
In 2009 at the border of Italy and Switzerland, police had arrested two Japanese citizens.

00:49:18,880 --> 00:49:29,880
After inspecting their baggage, they found something interesting. It was debt obligations of the US government for a few billion dollars.

00:49:29,880 --> 00:49:42,000
Here they are: 250 securities that worth 500 million dollars each. The full amount is 125 billion dollars. Where did two ordinary citizens of Japan find these bonds that equal the budget of a whole country?

00:49:42,960 --> 00:49:49,239
News agencies all over the world were asking the same question.

00:49:49,239 --> 00:50:09,639
[Dmitry Fost, historian]
It was an accidental information leak… absolutely accidental… Especially when people have money, but not 140 billion dollars, but for example, 5 million dollars… and they keep it a big secret.

00:50:09,639 --> 00:50:16,960
[Minamoto Vateba], [Okudzaro Tuno]
Here they are: Minamoto Vateba, trader and a small market agent and Okudzaro Tuno, lawyer and ecologist.

00:50:16,960 --> 00:50:26,440
This scandal with unidentified bonds worth billions of dollars died down as fast as it broke out. It seemed like someone suddenly was ordered to forget about it.

00:50:26,440 --> 00:50:32,280
The Japanese duo and their bonds have disappeared. And nobody knows their fate.

00:50:32,280 --> 00:50:36,920
The world has forgotten about this story, but not Joseph Riad.

00:50:36,920 --> 00:50:45,880
It was an important matter to him. Because he recognized the same bonds as he already had, given to him seven years ago as a payment of the debt.

00:50:45,880 --> 00:50:49,599
But the value of his bonds was twice as much.

00:50:49,599 --> 00:51:01,519
[David Wilcock, economist]
Mr. Riad was not a fool. He knew that such big money was connected with danger. That is why he carefully started collecting information about his bonds and checking their authenticity.

00:51:01,519 --> 00:51:11,039
It is explorer and economist David Wilcock. For the last 15 years he has been studying secrets about American society and its influence on 20th century world history.

00:51:11,039 --> 00:51:21,000
He states that the two world wars and some local wars happened for a reason. This is an exclusive interview with David Wilcock, specifically for the RenTV television project "Million Dollar Giveaway'.

00:51:21,000 --> 00:51:25,440
[David Wilcock]

00:51:25,440 --> 00:51:36,000
At the end of the 1700's, to gain a total control of the world, the Masonic Order was invented. Its secrets were kept on pain of death.

00:51:36,000 --> 00:51:46,239
Their task was to penetrate to the leaders of different countries, military circles, biggest corporations and financial systems of the world.

00:51:46,239 --> 00:51:58,039
This order was invented at the end of 18th century by Mayer Amschel, the founder of the Rothschilds dynasty. The original idea of the organization was to spread family business interests all over the world.

00:51:58,039 --> 00:52:11,639
However, by the beginning of 19th century the Rothschilds clan had more ambitious goals to unite the whole planet with only one centric power. The Rothschilds started to spread the Masonic Order.

00:52:12,639 --> 00:52:15,119
The richest and most established people of different countries joined the organization.

00:52:15,119 --> 00:52:22,279
This is a fragment of a communication between Albert Pike, the head of the Masons, and his companion Giuseppe Mazzini, leader of the European Masons.

00:52:23,280 --> 00:52:38,200
[David Wilcock, economist]
And this document has been exposed in public for a long time in the library of the British Museum. Exhibitors talk about it just like it is an antique object and accentuate on its absurdity. But the history tells us different story.

00:52:38,199 --> 00:52:56,199
In Albert Pike's letter it is written about the brotherhood's plans to gain total control of the world by means of three world wars: 'The First World War should be planned by the beginning of the next century, and the second one I would recommend to start 30 years after the First World War'.

00:52:56,199 --> 00:53:07,639
Albert Pike wrote these words in 1870. And he died 20 years later and a monument was set in his honor in Washington. And his words in the letter came to life with precision.

00:53:07,639 --> 00:53:12,519
What did Pike write about The Third and final War?

00:53:12,519 --> 00:53:34,079
[Olga Greig, historian]
It is not a secret how people leading wars get the valuables and gold. There is a saying "War is the mother for someone." And of course, for those who start global wars, the process of war brings a big profit.

00:53:34,079 --> 00:53:53,840
[Archive footage, 1944]
This is rare archival footage from the summer of 1944. The famous Bretton Woods Monetary Conference in the USA. It is a strange story: World War II didn't end yet, Soviet soldiers were still spilling their blood on the front, but economists from Europe and the USA gathered at a quiet resort to discuss commerce questions… and with whom?

00:53:53,840 --> 00:54:00,960
[Archive footage, Bretton Woods Monetary Conference, 1944]
Not a lot of people know that one of the member of the conference was Hitler's fuhrer of economics Hjalmar Schacht and…  [Hjalmar Schacht]

00:54:00,960 --> 00:54:03,880
[Emil Puhl]
… the president of the German Commercial Bank, Emil Puhl.

00:54:03,880 --> 00:54:10,039
Officially, Nazi Germany and America were enemies at that time. So what did they discuss?

00:54:10,039 --> 00:54:33,159
[Mikhail Hazin, economist]
They discussed agreements that described the system of the world after the war. At the foundation of this system was the assumption that USA production and consumption after the war would be more than half of the world's economy. And other countries would divide the rest.

00:54:33,159 --> 00:54:42,000
At the Bretton Woods Conference, just like a bolt from the blue, it was stated that the USA held 2/3 of all gold production of the world.

00:54:42,280 --> 00:54:46,079
That is why the dollar becomes the world currency.

00:54:46,079 --> 00:54:58,239
[Andrew Parshev, writer]
According to the Bretton Woods agreements there were two world currencies. They was the American Dollar and the British Pound Sterling. But the British Pound Sterling didn't meet expectations.

00:54:58,239 --> 00:55:09,959
That is why the dollar became the only world currency. Because it was possible to buy anything, anywhere using dollars.

00:55:09,960 --> 00:55:20,320
But how on earth 70% of all gold in the world did end up in America, which was still recovering from the Great Depression after World War II?

00:55:20,320 --> 00:55:32,400
[David Wilcock, economist]
As it went into the Great Depression, 9 million people died from hunger, gold was the only thing of value, and the leaders were collecting gold from citizens…

00:55:32,400 --> 00:55:40,320
… and they were banned from keeping gold at home for fear of arrest, forcing them to pass all gold to the USA treasury.

00:55:41,320 --> 00:55:52,360
But was it possible to collect 70% of all gold in the world just from their poor local retirees? The writer and economist David Wilcock held his own investigation.

00:55:52,360 --> 00:56:00,360
Today he believes that he knows the truth about the most cynical and unscrupulous plot of millionaires against humanity.

00:56:00,360 --> 00:56:02,500
Coming up next…

00:56:02,500 --> 00:56:04,760
Who made Adolph Hitler a millionaire?

00:56:04,760 --> 00:56:10,920
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
All American politicians were participating in one goal: to make Hitler a leader.

00:56:10,920 --> 00:56:15,920
World War II was just a part of the plan made 140 years ago.

00:56:15,920 --> 00:56:21,679
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
They had no remorse. It was just a business.

00:56:21,679 --> 00:56:26,639
Watch this unique project of RenTV.

00:56:26,639 --> 00:56:29,199

00:56:29,199 --> 00:56:33,719

00:56:33,719 --> 00:56:41,639
Would you like to know why mortgage in Russia costs more than 10% interest, but in America it is just 5%? People recently stopped applying for mortgages in Russia.

00:56:41,639 --> 00:56:47,000
Would you like to know why you overpay for food and gas that actually our country produces?

00:56:47,000 --> 00:56:51,320
Would you like to understand why the whole world depends on the dollar and when will this dependence end?

00:56:51,320 --> 00:56:56,119
And most important, what will happen if the dollar collapses?

00:56:56,119 --> 00:56:58,960
If you do, you will have to listen to one story from the very beginning.

00:56:58,960 --> 00:57:08,039
On September 12, 1919 in a dirty pub of Munich, a company of half drunk men has gathered.

00:57:08,039 --> 00:57:14,639
Later that night one more person joins the company. It is a off-duty soldier, a 30 year old lance-corporal. His name was Adolph.

00:57:14,639 --> 00:57:26,920
[Nikolay Starikov, writer]
At the very beginning of his political career Hitler didn't have money. He was renting a tiny room and there was only a bed, a night stand and a book shelf.

00:57:26,920 --> 00:57:31,199
And I would say that he looked like a homeless person.

00:57:31,199 --> 00:57:38,400
The men have established their group and named it Free Work Committee to achieve a 'kind world'.

00:57:38,400 --> 00:57:44,440
Not a lot of people know that it was the first name for his future evil National Socialist Party of Germany.

00:57:44,440 --> 00:57:56,480
At first Nazi business didn't go so well. They didn't even have glue to hang their propaganda posters. And the future Fuhrer couldn't hold inspection of his soldiers in winter because he simply didn't have warm boots for them.

00:57:56,480 --> 00:58:11,719
[Olga Greig, historian]
Inflation was so strong that a German citizen coming to a grocery store with a bag of money to buy bread in the morning couldn't afford to buy the same bread in the evening. He would have to bring, say, two bags of money.

00:58:11,719 --> 00:58:19,440
[Archive footage, Germany]
In autumn of 1923 one egg was worth 30 million eggs 10 years ago.

00:58:19,440 --> 00:58:28,360
[Archive footage, Germany 1923]
People were buried in cardboard boxes. A coffin was too expensive. And this poor ragged fellow named Hitler all of a sudden became a millionaire.

00:58:28,360 --> 00:58:37,360
[Nikolay Starikov, writer]
Money for the political activity of any party can be earned only two ways: either from sponsorship inside a country by local oilmen and industrialists…

00:58:37,360 --> 00:58:43,119
… or this political power is financed by outsiders, enemies of the country.

00:58:43,119 --> 00:58:49,760
In January 1923 Hitler gathered and issued uniforms to 5000 storm troopers.

00:58:49,760 --> 00:58:56,239
[Archive footage, Hitler's villa]
Two years later Hitler bought a famous villa in Bavarian Alps, a 6-seat latest-model Mercedes,

00:58:56,239 --> 00:59:04,679
[Archive footage of Hitler's apartment]
and a 9-room apartment in a prestigious area of Berlin, and hired a bodyguard, a driver, two cooks and even a gardener.

00:59:04,679 --> 00:59:10,519
German tax inspectors wondered where Hitler got this money, so they asked him.

00:59:10,519 --> 00:59:20,000
Hitler answered that it was an honorarium for his book Mein Kampf. But the edition was printed only in a quantity a few thousand. It was impossible.

00:59:20,840 --> 00:59:33,000
In the official record of The Weimar Republic Police Tax Inspection, Hitler indicated that he did't have any income in 1924, nor the first quarter of 1925.

00:59:33,920 --> 00:59:41,280
And that he covered his living costs with loans. So, who would provide such big loans to the future enemy of humanity?

00:59:41,280 --> 00:59:49,240
A writer and a historian Nikolay Starikov has been doing a research on this subject and believes that he found Hitler's most generous friend.

00:59:49,239 --> 00:59:56,880
This is him: Ernst Hanfstaengl. He was a Harvard graduate, his father was a German citizen and mother was a citizen of the USA. He was also a CIA secret agent.    

00:59:56,880 --> 01:00:01,119
Ernst Hanfstaengl was a very interesting figure. It is worth to take a close look at him.

01:00:01,119 --> 01:00:06,760
He met Hitler, made friends with him, and started to give him advice.

01:00:06,760 --> 01:00:12,480
Ernst explained to him that he must make friends with Anglo-Saxon countries and not to have wars with the USA.

01:00:12,480 --> 01:00:23,400
It was only after Hitler made friends with Ernst Hanfstaengl that his account began to get larger and larger. Tens of millions of marks were transferred though neutral Swiss banks from unknown donors.

01:00:23,400 --> 01:00:34,000
Ernst Hanfstaengl was just a press secretary in the Nazi party. But for some reason was very good friends with Winston Churchill, Benito Mussolini and Franklin Roosevelt.

01:00:35,000 --> 01:00:38,000
He actually went to the same school with Roosevelt.

01:00:38,000 --> 01:00:52,000
It is interesting that in 1937, when Hitler no longer needed any support, Ernst Hanfstaengl said a warm goodbye to Hitler and moved to the USA to work as the president Roosevelt's adviser.

01:00:52,000 --> 01:01:07,440
[Olga Greig, historian]
The fact that Hanfstaengl was not punished for leaving the party doesn't surprise us. If it was another member of nazi party, there would be no warm bye-byes.

01:01:07,440 --> 01:01:14,719
And he lived happily ever after. In fact, he returned to Germany later and died in his country, in Munich.

01:01:14,719 --> 01:01:20,119
These are Gestapo archives. Let's take a look at the communications between an SS leader and one of the party leaders:

01:01:20,119 --> 01:01:23,719
The letters between Kaltenbrunner and Bormann, very well studied by historians.

01:01:23,719 --> 01:01:28,920
Thanks to these letters, the world knows about plans for expansion of fascism.

01:01:28,920 --> 01:01:34,800
It is interesting, why such important pieces of evidence were not destroyed by the heads of SS. They had time to do it…

01:01:34,800 --> 01:01:48,039
In the last days of Third Reich the fascists were actively burning their archives. The documents about murdering thousands of gypsies and jews were kept, but 90% of financial documents were destroyed completely.

01:01:48,039 --> 01:01:54,719
Does it mean that those accounting reports had much more dangerous information than the reports about using the gas chambers?

01:01:54,719 --> 01:02:01,559
It means that fascists were scared for the world to find out who brought Hitler to power.

01:02:01,559 --> 01:02:14,119
[David Wilcock, economist]
It was a plot. Americans and British had sponsored Hitler to become a leader. And in return Hitler promised to destroy the USSR. But there was also one more plan.

01:02:14,119 --> 01:02:21,719
It is not possible to find out who first had the idea - Hitler, his genius accountant Hjalmar Schacht, or cunning Churchill.

01:02:21,719 --> 01:02:31,000
But it was not a bad idea. The USA government addressed European leaders and big bankers with an offer to pass all gold savings to America for storage purposes, with interest, of course.

01:02:32,000 --> 01:02:44,239
The offer looked reasonable. There was the war coming with an insane Hitler and equally insane Soviets, who could have also attacked european territory. There was no question that it was safer to keep gold over the ocean.

01:02:45,239 --> 01:02:54,599
European leaders, after much discussion, agreed. And they made an agreement to take gold back after the war, after Hitler and Stalin destroy each other.

01:02:54,599 --> 01:03:01,920
That is when the bronze boxes full of the bonds from 1934 appeared.

01:03:01,920 --> 01:03:07,800
Every bond gave its owner the right to exchange it for a billion dollars.

01:03:07,800 --> 01:03:17,440
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
The bonds that were given to Fascist Germany by the Federal Reserve System were for gold that Germany paid to the USA.

01:03:17,440 --> 01:03:30,000
Hitler had also promised, in exchange for his piece of golden pie, that owners of the bonds were not going to stay alive. And he did what he promised.

01:03:30,000 --> 01:03:44,639
By 1944 the USA had 70% of all world's gold reserve. They were sure, that nobody would ever claim the bonds…

01:03:44,639 --> 01:03:53,159
Until in 2012 a merchant Joseph Riad appeared and claimed one billion dollars.

01:03:53,159 --> 01:03:56,079

01:03:56,079 --> 01:04:11,400
This lucky owner of bonds worth 250 billion didn't know what to do with them. That is why he hired a detective. David Hutzler promised to do thorough research on the bonds and get as much information as possible.

01:04:11,400 --> 01:04:29,360
[David Wilcock, economist]
Mr. Hutzler also knew that he had to be careful, because he is holding very important information. Maybe even more important than bonds worth billions of dollars. The more he talked to experts, the more he understood what kind of a game he had joined.

01:04:29,360 --> 01:04:40,000
The detective David Hutzler and his son, 8 year old Micky, were murdered a week after he passed his full report to his client about all prehistory of the bonds and plans of American elite to gain control of the world.

01:04:41,719 --> 01:04:52,559
And yet, the police said that David Hutzler shot his son, set his house on fire, and then shot himself.

01:04:52,559 --> 01:05:06,519
After that Joseph Riad decided to ensure his safety. The plan was simple: to walk into the Treasury, claim just one bond out of 250 and attract the attention of the whole world.

01:05:06,519 --> 01:05:23,280
Yes, he was arrested and accused of fraud, but during his arrest he appealed to the government saying that if anything happens to him, all information that he collected will be sent to all mass media of all countries. And the plan of American elite will be exposed.

01:05:23,280 --> 01:05:36,000
Now all charges have been dropped from Mr. Riad. But he didn't get the money. His bonds were confiscated and now he is suing the USA government claiming the whole amount.

01:05:40,400 --> 01:05:52,639
[Yale University]
This is one of the most prestigious and expensive universities in the world. It is Yale University. The students of the university study hard to get a high paid job right after graduation.

01:05:52,639 --> 01:06:02,359
Graduates of Yale include Gerald Ford, George Bush, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Hilary Clinton, and Russian citizen Alexey Novalny.

01:06:02,360 --> 01:06:11,920
Right here the Masonic Order "Skull and Bones" was founded. That is where good students gather at nights after classes.

01:06:11,920 --> 01:06:24,400
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
There is some footage showing people coming out and running completely naked from the headquarters named 'Tomb' of the Mason Order "Skull and Bones".

01:06:24,400 --> 01:06:35,119
Candidates for membership in this organization should lay in the tomb a whole night along with human remains.

01:06:36,119 --> 01:06:50,000
History books say that Americans highly criticized Hitler's actions. But not a lot of people know that Prescott Bush, grandfather of ex-president of the USA George Bush, had always supported Hitler and the idea of Third Reich.

01:06:50,440 --> 01:07:02,000
Mr. Bush shared the same racist ideas and liked to read Hitler's book Mein Kampf. In 1938, Time Magazine, which was founded by Prescott Bush, announced Hitler "Man Of The Year."

01:07:02,480 --> 01:07:12,079
It was he who founded the organization Skull and Bones. And he, Prescott Bush, was financing Nazis through its account. They picked the name "skull" for the organization for a reason.

01:07:12,079 --> 01:07:15,000
It was a symbol of racial purity.

01:07:15,000 --> 01:07:27,239
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
Of course, America sponsored Hitler. Because they were afraid of communism. Other countries were under the influence of communists. That is why this "Hitler project" was started.

01:07:27,239 --> 01:07:38,919
It is interesting that America and countries in Europe were in favor of not only Hitler, but of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini as well. Mussolini was known as one of the most progressive thinkers of that time.

01:07:38,920 --> 01:07:43,880
Mr. Churchill called him one of the greatest legislators.

01:07:43,880 --> 01:07:54,640
[Alexey Muhin, political scientist]
The USA participated in the Germany recovery after World War I. I have no doubt they encouraged Nazi plans and helped to weaken Europe.

01:07:54,639 --> 01:07:59,679
I believe that the USA had a fatal role in starting World War II.

01:07:59,679 --> 01:08:09,839
Germany and its allied countries were sure that the USA would stay neutral towards them. This confidence was supported by the gold that they sent to America.

01:08:09,840 --> 01:08:20,159
As a result of secret political American plans, Germany started to capture European countries one by one, and the USA started to make money out of it.

01:08:20,159 --> 01:08:26,159
'The way to make money is to trade while there is blood on the streets.' John Rockefeller

01:08:26,159 --> 01:08:39,599
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
Before 1941 America really didn't exist as an economic power. During the Great Depression people were sitting there wondering when they were all going to die.

01:08:39,600 --> 01:08:50,800
And the beginning of World War II gave them an opportunity to boost production by supplying the countries at war.

01:08:50,800 --> 01:09:02,320
Surprisingly, but American businessmen didn't stop doing business with Hitler even after their country started the war with Germany. Because the USA wasn't interested in a fast end to the battle.

01:09:02,319 --> 01:09:10,000
The longer the war lasted, the weaker American competitors became and the more fortune it brought to the USA.

01:09:10,000 --> 01:09:22,800
"If we see that Germany wins, we should start helping Russia. But if Russia starts to win, we shall help Germany. That way they will kill each other longer." - Future president of the USA Harry Truman.
Germany was at war with the Triple Entente:  America, Great Britain, and Russia. However, America supplied Germany with canned food as well as American chocolate and coffee.

01:09:41,640 --> 01:09:44,239
There was no remorse… it was just business.

01:09:44,239 --> 01:09:58,479
The main goal of business was gold. The national currency of each country started to devalue fast. But Americans were still happy to trade with them… "but we trade for gold, dear partners, because you have inflation!"

01:10:02,640 --> 01:10:10,039
In summer of 2011 30 year old Robert Spike came to Bank of America to pay off his his mortgage.

01:10:10,039 --> 01:10:14,640
When the bank saw what he was going to pay with, they called the police.

01:10:14,640 --> 01:10:25,119
It was a 10 kg gold bar. It was worth more than a half million dollars. But the most important was that it had a Polish stamp from the time of World War II.

01:10:25,119 --> 01:10:38,199
Robert stated that he got the bar from his father, who was fighting the at West front. This was the first evidence in the case of the disappearing Polish Gold Fund.

01:10:40,600 --> 01:10:52,120
On September 5th 1939, five days after the beginning of World War II, the Polish government made the decision to export 100 tons of Polish gold to America to prevent Nazi's from taking it.

01:10:52,119 --> 01:10:59,119
The Polish were exporting their gold to keep it for themselves and their loved ones, and to keep it away from German or Soviet hands.

01:10:59,119 --> 01:11:04,039
Poland was a crossroad during the war, so everybody who went through it would definitely get their hands on it.

01:11:04,039 --> 01:11:04,039
Because all railroad tracks were commandeered by the Polish military, the gold was transported via regular buses.

01:11:04,039 --> 01:11:19,800
There was active battle on the western border, that is why secret service decided to transport the valuable metal South, to Romania. It is unknown what happened next.

01:11:19,800 --> 01:11:25,159
But the fact is that the gold bars were found in storage in the USA.

01:11:25,159 --> 01:11:29,359
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
The only way they got there was through Europe.

01:11:29,359 --> 01:11:39,079
The USA just like Hitler, had the same goal: to gain control over the world. But only difference was that Germany wanted to gain it via military forces, but the USA via economics.

01:11:39,079 --> 01:11:45,760
To gain total control, the USA had to confiscate most of gold and other valuables from the world.

01:11:45,760 --> 01:11:55,039
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
The USA is still building their colonial empire, but uses different ways and different instruments, economic instruments, not military ones.

01:11:55,039 --> 01:12:09,199
As planned, the leaders and bankers of the countries who passed the gold to America were eliminated. About 70% of gold was now owned by America, but some lucky ones got bonds that were worth a billion dollars each.

01:12:09,199 --> 01:12:23,119
[David Wilcock, economist]
American economists, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and others set it all up. Now they owned the fortune. And nobody even found out that they were tricked. But the whole world they were saviors.

01:12:27,520 --> 01:12:40,200
The whole world was shocked at Nazi genocide and marauding. All this crime was a terrible truth. But while the West was watching what was happening in Europe, there was an even more terrifying crime on the other end of the world.

01:12:40,199 --> 01:12:54,720
[Mikhail Hazin, economist]
Japanese were mean guys, to say the least. The country that lost the most people during  World War II was not USSR, it was China. Japanese killed  tens of millions of people. 

01:12:54,720 --> 01:13:11,680
Only today it is known that Japan had formed groups that were called "Golden Lily". The goal of the organization was to confiscate gold, jewelry, silver, money and other valuables from the countries that were captured by the Land of the Rising Sun.

01:13:11,680 --> 01:13:19,159
[David Wilcock, economist]
Phenomenal wealth had been collected for thousand years by the East and the South-East. And Japan wanted to own all of it.

01:13:19,159 --> 01:13:29,399
There were tens of thousands of tons of gold in the Japanese emperor's treasury, plus a lot of silver and precious stones.

01:13:29,399 --> 01:13:48,920
All that was stolen was buried in the Philippines.
Japanese mapmakers drew maps of every area, and the accountants marked how much money every spot was worth. There were 170 spots all together. And the total amount of all valuables equalled about half of a trillion dollars at that time.

01:13:48,920 --> 01:13:52,039
Today, the value would be ten times that initial value.

01:13:52,039 --> 01:14:02,039
Not a lot of people know that in 1945, after the Japanese army was defeated in the Philippines, there was a special secret project to return all fortune that Golden Lily had stolen and buried.

01:14:02,039 --> 01:14:12,920
The project was controlled by Edward Lansdale and Severino Garcia. They were officers of the American Intelligence Department.

01:14:16,000 --> 01:14:21,840
Therefore, during World War II the USA government got the most amount of european gold and valuables.

01:14:21,840 --> 01:14:30,760
And Japan did the same with Asian countries. Then, it was occupied by American forces and was under a total control by the USA.

01:14:30,760 --> 01:14:39,320
There are still American military bases and 35 thousand marines in Japan, because the silence needs to be supported by force…

01:14:43,319 --> 01:14:49,880
This is Chinese Feng Shui master Jet Lee. In his family the secrets of Feng Shui have been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

01:14:49,880 --> 01:14:55,560
Today he teaches secrets of wealth and prosperity in Moscow.

01:14:55,560 --> 01:15:08,000
[Jet Lee, master Feng Shui]
Everybody knows that Japan set a goal to collect all gold that China had been keeping for hundreds of years. But not a lot of people know how Chinese amassed such a fortune.

01:15:08,000 --> 01:15:13,760
It is all about the ancient science of Feng Shui, whose secrets have being passed along for thousand for years.

01:15:13,760 --> 01:15:21,760
Jet Lee believes that Feng Shui is not a magic or wonder, it is a science built on its own rules.

01:15:21,760 --> 01:15:28,760
Feng Shui is mathematics, logistics, and accurate calculations. When you can control it, there is nothing impossible anymore.

01:15:28,760 --> 01:15:34,920
On a specific day and during a certain hour and in a specific place there are special activators of energy that can be set.

01:15:34,920 --> 01:15:42,239
And your mind changes its sales plan. Or it brings you success in something else.

01:15:42,239 --> 01:15:49,239
Master Jet Lee gave us some advice about how to become richer.

01:15:49,239 --> 01:15:57,519
[Jet Lee, master Feng Shui]
There are certain places in your house where specific energy is concentrated. Your task is to place activators of this energy at that place.

01:15:57,520 --> 01:16:13,480
First of all, they are water objects, like fountain or aquarium. But it doesn't mean that if you buy an aquarium today, tomorrow you will swim in money. You need to make money and an activator will be helping you imperceptibly.

01:16:13,479 --> 01:16:22,079
Every person has their own way to get pure prosperity and harmony. There are thousands of people who dedicate themselves to Feng Shui in Russia.

01:16:23,079 --> 01:16:30,880
Nina Smolina is one of them. She came from Ivanovo specifically to listen to Jet Lee. She has been working in banking for 20 years.

01:16:30,880 --> 01:16:39,000
[Nina Smolina, economist]
It was interesting to know what money is, when and why some people have it and others don't.

01:16:39,239 --> 01:16:47,920
Nina understood that money is not an object we see every day. Money has its own energy and interacts with people without a break.

01:16:47,920 --> 01:16:53,800
It supports some people and doesn't support others. But this interaction we form ourselves.

01:16:53,800 --> 01:16:59,560
Nina shares the basic rules with the audience of RenTV that she uses at work with her clients.

01:16:59,560 --> 01:17:14,320
On payday you should first take all your profit and bring it… home. You get money, come home and only then you can go shopping. Not the other way around. You need to keep the money energy at home.

01:17:14,319 --> 01:17:25,719
If you don't follow this rule, you will leave the energy somewhere else, like in a store, for example. And in this situation all that you bring will be sighs of what has left in your wallet.

01:17:29,439 --> 01:17:36,600
The truth about World War II that you will never find in history books. What amount had the USA Reserve Fund stolen from the world during World War II?

01:17:36,600 --> 01:17:40,640
And why do they need a third war?
Watch right now.

01:17:40,640 --> 01:17:44,520

01:17:44,520 --> 01:17:56,440
According to official documents, in February 1945 there were few boxes full of gold bars, jewelry and diamonds delivered in a Bavarian city. The amount of all of it can't be estimated.

01:17:56,439 --> 01:18:12,439
All boxes were thrown in lakes or stored in secret places. After World War II American divers found the boxes. All they could find was a fifth of the Reich's treasure. Everything else had disappeared.

01:18:12,439 --> 01:18:24,119
[Olga Greig, historiasn]
One of the nuances of finding the treasure takes us to the story about the train # 277 which was transporting gold bars, diamonds and jewelry.

01:18:24,119 --> 01:18:31,439
It is possible that the train went under the ground and disappeared.

01:18:31,439 --> 01:18:38,680
Three cars full of gold that belonged to Soviet Ukraine collected during the retreat of Standartenfuhrer Josef Spacil.

01:18:38,680 --> 01:18:46,119
Another train car was full of church gold belonging to Romania, another one was full of jewelry, religious icons and golden crosses from Yugoslavia,

01:18:46,119 --> 01:18:58,000
120 tons of gold from Italy - Mussolini's fund. All these valuables were transported from Berlin by the train # 277 on January 31st 1945.

01:18:58,000 --> 01:19:07,920
In February they ended up in Munich, then in Salzburg and later in Balauseri, Romania. After that the train went to the South where it disappeared into thin air.

01:19:07,920 --> 01:19:20,479
The train had a destination but never got there. But the fact is it went through occupied territory where Americans were doing a research.

01:19:20,479 --> 01:19:26,239
And if the train was captured by Americans, I doubt that any information was leaked from that point.

01:19:26,239 --> 01:19:35,720
That is how tons of gold and jewelry ended up in the USA.

01:19:35,720 --> 01:19:47,119
[David Wilcock, economist]
The gold was secretly transported to America to create a new powerful economy insured by rare metal.

01:19:47,119 --> 01:20:03,640
As a result of World War II America's main competitor, Europe, was eliminated. The victorious USSR was buried in ruins. All the world's fortune was passed to the USA and the world still owed money to America.

01:20:07,039 --> 01:20:08,079
Coming up next

01:20:08,079 --> 01:20:11,359
What happens to anybody who encroaches on the power of the dollar?

01:20:11,359 --> 01:20:21,279
Leaders who act against economic dependence on West end up very bad.

01:20:21,279 --> 01:20:25,279
How America makes the whole world finance their wars.

01:20:25,279 --> 01:20:32,680
There were so many dollars printed that for the past ten years it has depreciated 680 %.

01:20:32,680 --> 01:20:35,800
Watch on RenTV next.

01:20:35,800 --> 01:20:38,359

01:20:38,359 --> 01:20:41,600

01:20:41,600 --> 01:20:44,880

01:20:44,880 --> 01:21:00,000
Today the USA still holds about 2/3 of worlds gold reserve. But only 4.5% of the planet's population lives there. To keep such a large amount of money they have to dominate in military force.

01:21:01,880 --> 01:21:16,400
[Andrew Parshev, writer]
They have a national mantra: "Leaders who act against economic dependence on West end up very bad".

01:21:16,399 --> 01:21:24,560
The president of France, Charles De Gaulle, was the only one who could get their gold back from the USA.

01:21:24,560 --> 01:21:34,720
After a lot of years of blackmailing and threats De Gaulle bought one and a half tons of gold for one and a half billion dollars.

01:21:34,720 --> 01:21:44,360
It caused a chain reaction in the whole world. Germany follow? the example of France. Within two years America gave sold thousand tons of gold which was so difficult to collect.

01:21:44,359 --> 01:21:57,559
[Mikhail Hazin, economist]
Problems in the system started on August 15th 1971 when president Nixon announced a default when he refused to exchange dollars for gold.

01:21:57,560 --> 01:22:06,680
However, De Gaulle paid a lot for his recalcitrance. The next year after he got the gold, massive student agitations started.

01:22:06,680 --> 01:22:15,479
Months of pogroms force the general to resign. And a year after that De Gaulle died from a heart attack.

01:22:15,479 --> 01:22:31,879
The USA punished De Gaulle by organizing these agitations. Charles De Gaulle understood that the dollar had to be devalued at some point, that is why demanded the gold.

01:22:31,880 --> 01:22:38,000
[The president of Panama Omar Torrijos]
The president of Panama Omar Torrijos came to power by overthrowing pro American dictator Arnulfo Arias.

01:22:38,000 --> 01:22:50,319
[pro american dictator Arnulfo Arias]
He closed all American oil factories, sent home American military forces by closing their military bases, and most importantly he took back the control of Panama Canal that divided North and South of America.

01:22:50,319 --> 01:22:59,639
Such a sharp politics brought on a big conflict between Torrijos and president Regan, along with Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.

01:22:59,640 --> 01:23:08,600
On July 31, 1981 the president of Panama died in an airline accident when a bomb exploded in his aircraft.

01:23:08,600 --> 01:23:12,279
[Konstantin Sivkov, political scientist]
American special forces had their hands on it. Everybody knows it.

01:23:12,279 --> 01:23:22,519
Nobody has any doubt who killed him. His example showed the whole world what can happen to anyone who acts against economic dependence on the USA.

01:23:26,840 --> 01:23:36,000
Elimination of unsatisfactory presidents was a normal process in America. Experts has counted 20 world leaders that America was involved in elimination or killing.

01:23:37,079 --> 01:23:45,159
Among them are the president of Panama Omar Torrijos, the president of Yugoslavia Slobodan Miloshevich, and the president of Iraq Saddam Hussein.

01:23:45,159 --> 01:23:50,640
The most recent one to join this list was Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi.

01:23:50,640 --> 01:23:59,880
Russian entrepreneur German Sterligov believes that Moammar Gaddafi was killed because he attempted to introduce a new currency: the golden dinar.

01:23:59,880 --> 01:24:05,439
Its purpose was to kill the dollar.

01:24:05,439 --> 01:24:19,719
[German Sterligov, entrepreneur]
Gaddafi got scared. And that is why he died. He had an opportunity to be a hero. He could establish gold and silver currency as a multi-national currency not only in Asia and Africa, but in Europe as well.

01:24:19,720 --> 01:24:28,199
He could turn the terrorist accusations and other nonsense into a fight against the dollar and become a hero.

01:24:28,199 --> 01:24:36,000
But the death of Gaddafi didn't scare other leaders, it only supported their decision to fight against America.

01:24:36,000 --> 01:24:44,119
[Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela]
The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, immediately after the of bombing Libya began, demanded 220 tons of gold be returned to his country.

01:24:44,119 --> 01:24:50,920
[220 tones of gold, Venezuela]
It was kept in the banks of England and America before. Now it is back in Venezuela.

01:24:50,920 --> 01:25:11,920
Hugo Chavez is still offering to create one multinational Latino-American Currency: the Bolivar. The first time he told his idea to the world, back in 2000, he was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Doctors said he would live no more than 3 months.

01:25:15,600 --> 01:25:24,400
This is the aircraft carrier USS George WAshington. It cost 7 billion dollars to construct, and service and maintenance cost about 10 million dollars every day.

01:25:24,399 --> 01:25:34,199
There are 11 aircraft carriers like this in America. And this is the most expensive  fighter jet on board: the Raptor. It costs more than 300 million dollars.

01:25:34,199 --> 01:25:43,960
One hour of flight costs 50 thousand dollars. There are 190 fighters like this in America. This technology makes the USA the strongest country in the world.

01:25:43,960 --> 01:25:54,319
The truth is that the foundation for future domination was discussed in the Bretton Woods agreement, when leaders decided to make the dollar a multinational currency.

01:25:54,319 --> 01:26:14,559
[Konstantin Sivkov, political scientist]
The American protectorate had to insure their interests in the countries of Western Europe. And the main instrument was the dollar within a frame of the Euro-Atlantic union.

01:26:14,560 --> 01:26:22,600
Let's suppose that the USA needs 500 billion dollars more to continue their war in Afghanistan. So, if it is said, it is done.

01:26:22,600 --> 01:26:35,960
With just a click of a button, the USA has now more than half of trillion dollars to lead their forces. But there are the same amount of products as before. So where do they get the money? What gives the dollar such value?

01:26:35,960 --> 01:26:39,239
The answer is - already circulating money…

01:26:39,239 --> 01:27:00,119
[Roman Zlotnikov, writer]
Total activities of the Federal Reserve System don't cover even one percent of the dollar value. It is all supported by the trust. As soon as the trust is lost or ruined, the dollar immediately collapses.

01:27:00,119 --> 01:27:00,560
And a new currency will need to be introduced.

01:27:00,560 --> 01:27:05,920
Do you keep your savings in dollars? Then, the USA government can say "thank you."   

01:27:05,920 --> 01:27:09,560
Because by printing new money it automatically depreciates your dollar.

01:27:09,560 --> 01:27:15,039
By doing that, you participate in financing American wars and cover their big expenses.

01:27:15,039 --> 01:27:25,279
For the past hundred years the American dollar has depreciated 300 times. Just imagine:  The dollar value today is worth only 3 cents in early 20th century dollars.

01:27:25,279 --> 01:27:36,559
Before the Bretton Woods agreement, the depreciation process of the dollar was very slow. But as soon as Americans had the right to print the dollar with no restrictions, the depreciation sped up.

01:27:36,560 --> 01:27:43,920
The standard of living has dropped little by little and America's economy is deteriorating.

01:27:43,920 --> 01:27:57,319
But not everything is so simple. A soon as one foreign leader points it out, he will immediately find out towards what kind of army and navy power all the money was spent.

01:27:57,319 --> 01:28:14,000
[Konstantin Sivkov, political scientist]
Today the military budget of the US army exceeds the amount of military budget of all countries together. And taking into account all factors, the budget is very close to a trillion dollars per year.

01:28:14,000 --> 01:28:24,319
The history of 20th century is rife with cynicism. World War I and II were just part of a plan to make a few families rich.

01:28:24,319 --> 01:28:27,399
Nothing was off-limits in achieving the goal.

01:28:27,399 --> 01:28:31,920
And when the fortune was in their hands, it still didn't seemed like enough.

01:28:31,920 --> 01:28:36,239
Coming up next. The final part of "Million Dollar Giveaway"…

01:28:36,239 --> 01:28:42,159
How people get on the Forbes Magazine list of the richest men in the world.

01:28:42,159 --> 01:28:44,479
The Forbes list is just a silly game.

01:28:44,479 --> 01:28:46,239
Who is actually the richest one?

01:28:46,239 --> 01:28:50,479
Wealth is a means to an end - power over the world.

01:28:50,479 --> 01:28:53,760
What future is the world's elite preparing for us?

01:28:53,760 --> 01:29:00,159
The chip is a different thing… connected with programming the depopulation of the world.

01:29:00,159 --> 01:29:06,720
Watch the final part of the project "Million Dollar Giveaway",- "Poor Pauper Millionaire".

01:29:06,720 --> 01:29:09,359
How do you make a lot of money?

01:29:09,359 --> 01:29:11,079
You should love money.

01:29:11,079 --> 01:29:15,800
Stories about people who made their dreams of fortune come true.

01:29:15,800 --> 01:29:23,680
To start your business is highly necessary to have results soon and "Don't invent a bicycle." (don't invent something that was already done).

01:29:23,680 --> 01:29:28,479
Why are the richest men in the world at the end of Forbes list?

01:29:28,479 --> 01:29:31,920
The road to power is to be secret and obscured.

01:29:31,920 --> 01:29:34,600
Can you trust billionaires' ratings?

01:29:34,600 --> 01:29:37,479
Forbes magazine belongs to the network of disinformation.

01:29:37,479 --> 01:29:41,479
What led Michael Jackson to poverty?

01:29:41,479 --> 01:29:44,439
You can't say who your friend is and who is not.

01:29:44,439 --> 01:29:48,359
Why do Russian oligarches have their own air and marine fleet?

01:29:48,359 --> 01:29:50,840
Money is a compensation for human insecurities.

01:29:50,840 --> 01:29:50,840
And is it worth it to chase after fortune?

01:29:50,840 --> 01:29:57,359
Big fortune can be worse than poverty.

01:29:57,359 --> 01:30:03,439
Watch the final part of our unique project on RenTV, Million Dollar Giveaway.

01:30:03,439 --> 01:30:07,520

01:30:07,520 --> 01:30:12,600
 Million Dollar Giveaway. Poor Pauper Millionaire. Part 3

01:30:12,600 --> 01:30:22,840

01:30:22,840 --> 01:30:30,800
 Million Dollar Giveaway. Poor Pauper Millionaire. Part 3

01:30:30,800 --> 01:30:39,920
His name was announced 13 times in Guinness record. He received more than 300 music awards and sold about a billion records.

01:30:39,920 --> 01:30:43,479
He is the king of pop music, Michael Jackson.

01:30:43,479 --> 01:30:47,239
He made more than 3 billion dollars.

01:30:47,239 --> 01:30:56,239
Everybody was sure that he left a big fortune in his will. But in reality, he left a big debt.

01:30:56,239 --> 01:31:03,319
Twenty years of constant court hearings and non-stop donations to charities led to complete poverty.

01:31:03,319 --> 01:31:14,000
His fans counted that he had spent more than 100 million dollars on his lawyers and given about 500 million dollars to charities.

01:31:14,000 --> 01:31:20,239
[Iosiph Prigozhin, producer]
This life teaches you that you can't say who is your friend and who is your enemy, doesn't it? Who can you trust with your money?

01:31:20,239 --> 01:31:23,880
And here is another star of show business.

01:31:23,880 --> 01:31:31,359
In May 2012, prestigious Forbes magazine announced 'the ten most highly paid singers in the world'.

01:31:31,359 --> 01:31:34,680
Britney Spears, a 31 year old American, was at the top of the list.

01:31:34,680 --> 01:31:39,600
She made 58 million dollars within 12 months.

01:31:39,600 --> 01:31:58,880
[Kirill Vishnepolsky, former asst. editor - Forbes magazine]
You make the first million, and the next millions and billions you make for fear of losing that first one. You are afraid to get down, to get to that point when you have to go to work.

01:31:58,880 --> 01:32:04,520
That is why all these millions and billions of dollars are just a safety pillow.

01:32:04,520 --> 01:32:10,720
At the beginning of her career, the singer had a luxurious life.

01:32:10,720 --> 01:32:20,239
Her passion was expensive cars. In her auto park, Britney has such car models as Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Bugatti.

01:32:20,239 --> 01:32:27,439
As a birthday present to Kevin she bought this silver Ferrari for 3 million dollars.

01:32:27,439 --> 01:32:40,079
She has also recently bought a mansion at the ocean. It was 8.5 million dollars. It has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and a tennis court.

01:32:40,079 --> 01:32:50,199
[Alexey Inozemtsev, entrepreneur]
Respect should be given to money without wasting it.

01:32:50,199 --> 01:32:55,399
You might be surprised to know that Britney Spears is not allowed to spend her own money.

01:32:55,399 --> 01:33:02,479
All her fortune is under the control of her father. He is the one who decides what she can buy and what she cannot.

01:33:02,479 --> 01:33:04,970
They are not business people, they are artists.

01:33:04,970 --> 01:33:21,079
[Iosiph Prigozhin, producer]
Businessmen can reinvest money in other businesses, buy cars… But artists will always be surrounded by swindlers who can easily rob them.

01:33:21,079 --> 01:33:29,239
It is interesting, but those people who seem to be the richest in reality can become almost poor.

01:33:29,239 --> 01:33:35,319
And, the other way around, poor people suddenly become millionaires.

01:33:38,720 --> 01:33:44,479
Four years ago in a small Swedish town of Skelleftea a homeless person died from a heart attack. His name was Curt Degerman.

01:33:44,479 --> 01:33:59,359
He had been homeless for 30 years collecting bottles and picking in trash. To his friends' surprise, Curt actually collected 1.4 million dollars for his lifetime.

01:33:59,359 --> 01:34:07,560
This fortune brought his relatives to court, who weren't interested in him before he died.

01:34:07,560 --> 01:34:21,400
[David Wilcock, economist]
It was an unusual story. Some people collect money for years and can't make it to the point of one million dollars. But here a homeless person left a large fortune.

01:34:21,399 --> 01:34:34,000
Curt the Can, his nickname given by his friends, didn't seem to be different from other poor people. He ate left over food that he found on he streets and exchanged bottles for cash.

01:34:34,000 --> 01:34:47,520
But he didn't spend earned money on drinks. He was collecting it and investing in stocks. He didn't buy any newspapers, but picked them up on the streets and read books in a local library.

01:34:47,520 --> 01:34:53,359
He learned about the most stable companies and which stocks would go up in prices and which would go down.

01:34:53,359 --> 01:35:00,039
That is how a typical homeless person suddenly became a financial genius.

01:35:00,039 --> 01:35:10,119
Before his death in autumn 2008, he made a will naming his cousin, who visited him from time to time, as his heir. As it turned out, Mr. Degerman kept 124 gold bars in a bank safe deposit box,

01:35:10,119 --> 01:35:23,640
worth 300 thousand dollars and bonds that were worth more than a million.

01:35:23,640 --> 01:35:28,800
Coming up next. What was an editor of the Russian version of Forbes killed for?

01:35:28,800 --> 01:35:32,640
He was investigating about the origins of fortunes in Russia.

01:35:32,640 --> 01:35:35,760
How much money does it take to poison our life?

01:35:35,760 --> 01:35:41,840
They make up endless problems, making you a money slave.

01:35:41,840 --> 01:35:45,760
Watch right after commercials on RenTV.

01:35:45,760 --> 01:35:51,000
 Million Dollar Giveaway. Poor Pauper Millionaire.

01:35:51,000 --> 01:35:56,439
 Million Dollar Giveaway. Poor Pauper Millionaire.

01:35:56,439 --> 01:36:00,680
This is a trio of the richest people in the world in 2012...

01:36:00,680 --> 01:36:02,479
… according to the Forbes magazine.

01:36:02,479 --> 01:36:07,600
They are mexican magnate Carlos Slim, 69 billion dollars.

01:36:07,600 --> 01:36:11,960
The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, 61 billion dollars.

01:36:11,960 --> 01:36:18,359
And investment guru Warren Buffet, whose fortune is estimated at 44 billion dollars.

01:36:18,359 --> 01:36:28,960
According to Forbes, there are 1226 billionaires in the world whose fortune all together is worth about 4,5 trillion dollars.

01:36:28,960 --> 01:36:54,840
[Kirill Vishnepolsky, former asst. editor - magazine Forbes]
The idea was started at the end of 1980s in America by the Forbes family. They came up with a unique rating system. And later it became very popular, because Forbes counts the richest men and estimates their fortunes.

01:36:54,840 --> 01:36:59,399
And they established their spots all over the world. And in 2004 the magazine came to Russia.

01:36:59,399 --> 01:37:08,000
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
Only those people who really want to SEEM rich are in the Forbes list. They want everyone to know that they are wealthy for publicity.

01:37:08,000 --> 01:37:17,479
Experts believe that there are two richest families:  The Rothschilds and Rockefellers. So, where are their names on the Forbes list?

01:37:17,479 --> 01:37:30,799
Before John Rockefeller died, his fortune was worth more than 318 million dollars in our time. During World War II and the Cold War his clan was only getting richer and richer

01:37:30,800 --> 01:37:44,359
because he owned large defense plants and oil factories all over the USA. It is fascinating, but John's grandson David Rockefeller takes a modest 491st place on Forbes list.

01:37:44,359 --> 01:37:49,079
And his fortune, according to the magazine, is only 2,7 billion dollars.

01:37:49,079 --> 01:37:54,840
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
The real fortune of the Rockfellers and the Rothschilds is worth ten or even a hundred times more.

01:37:54,840 --> 01:37:59,399
What place does the present head of the Rothschilds family take…

01:37:59,399 --> 01:38:13,599
The clan, which has been making money for more than 250 years? Mayer Rothschild was so afraid to loose his fortune that he ordered his sons and daughters to marry only their cousins.

01:38:13,600 --> 01:38:23,399
27 out of 54 marriages of this family were incestuous… to keep all money within the family.

01:38:23,399 --> 01:38:35,560
According to Forbes list, the present head of the Rothschilds family, Nathan, takes an inglorious 1153 place with a fortune that is worth a shabby one billion dollars.

01:38:35,560 --> 01:38:44,520
Recently, there was an evaluation of the worlds fortune held… without financial actives.

01:38:44,520 --> 01:39:07,520
[Valentin Katasonov, economist]
By my own expert evaluation, about 10% of all financial activity in the world is controlled by Rothschild. This is about 22 trillion dollars… But the national debt of the USA is about 15 trillion dollars. He probably could pay it off.

01:39:07,520 --> 01:39:13,479
So, why are the richest men in the world at the bottom of the Forbes list?

01:39:13,479 --> 01:39:23,800
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
Someone once said a wonderful phrase that every rich person knows: "Money loves silence."

01:39:23,800 --> 01:39:31,560
These people never expose the amount they own. They don't have golden toilets at home and their cars are not decorated with diamonds.

01:39:31,560 --> 01:39:38,800
Otherwise, 97 year old David Rockefeller has been wearing the same suit for the past 50 years.

01:39:38,800 --> 01:39:57,199
[Roman Zlotnikov, writer]
One of the American billionaires once ordered all phones in his mansion to be replaced with one phone booth. Because he checked the bills…

01:39:57,199 --> 01:40:09,000
… and saw that he paid about 178 dollars per months, he checked how many times he called himself. His calls were worth 30 dollars. And he said: "Why on earth would I pay so much?".

01:40:09,000 --> 01:40:20,199
The richest men in the world prefer not to advertise their fortune. They are in the shadows of figures that they put up themselves. Figures like Bill Gates...

01:40:20,199 --> 01:40:23,920
because he has a good history of becoming rich.

01:40:23,920 --> 01:40:45,440
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
"Indian steel magnate is the richest man in the world," says the Forbes headline… "his steel factories are structured within world steel magnate Dupont.' So where is Dupont himself, then?

01:40:45,439 --> 01:40:51,679
If this is the name of a person working inside of the structure, why is his name at the top of the list and not the name of the owner?

01:40:54,359 --> 01:41:01,920
On July 9th, 2004 in Moscow the lead editor of the Russian version of Forbes, Paul Klebnikov, was found dead.

01:41:01,920 --> 01:41:08,079
A few months before his death he published the names of the 100 richest people in Russia.

01:41:08,079 --> 01:41:13,640
Even though some figures on the list were not happy about it.

01:41:13,640 --> 01:41:19,039
Paul had his own idealogical point of view regarding making businesses more transparent.

01:41:19,039 --> 01:41:30,000
A person, who owns a big enterprise is an employer of, for example, 150 thousand people. And the world must know where this person leads his employees…

01:41:31,760 --> 01:41:43,239
[Kirill Vishnepolsky, former asst. editor - Forbes Magazine]
It was Paul's idealogical and political mission. And he had been insisting that Forbes and other mass media should work under the same credo.

01:41:43,239 --> 01:41:49,840
The fate of Paul Klebnikov showed us how dangerous it might be to act against people who hold billions in their hands.

01:41:49,840 --> 01:41:57,079
Klebnikov would not allow anyone to dictate the policy of his publications, and he also had strong influence on public opinion.

01:41:57,079 --> 01:42:07,559
[Kirill Vishnepolsky, former asst. editor - Forbes Magazine]
Paul was serving his ideology, there was excitement in his eyes, he spoke loudly, he couldn't sit in one place so he walked back and forth. He was a very enthusiastic person.

01:42:07,560 --> 01:42:18,320
[Godfather of the Kremlin? Boris Berezovsky and the looting of Russia]
In his book "History of the Looting of Russia" Paul wrote about how Berezovsky stole from the country budget and participated in the murder of journalist Vladislav Listiev.

01:42:18,319 --> 01:42:26,359
They say that when Berezovsky couldn't get Paul's article refuted through court action, he promised that this would not be the end of it.

01:42:26,359 --> 01:42:39,119
Well, it is common that Mr. Berezovsky is the main figure in a lot of accusations because he is an impulsive person, he is a mystery person, but I am afraid his participation in Paul Klebnikov's murder did not happen,

01:42:39,119 --> 01:42:46,039
… at that time Boris was in London, where American journalists are not assassinated.

01:42:46,039 --> 01:42:57,319
The top people on the Forbes list do have a lot of money. But the financial world is not controlled by them.

01:42:57,319 --> 01:43:05,560
A lot of experts say that they are only figureheads who were placed to manage financial activities by the real owners of the world.

01:43:05,560 --> 01:43:15,439
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
So, they were given money under terms of some agreements between the richest people, by those who print money.

01:43:15,439 --> 01:43:23,079
And it is impossible to find out what their fortune is really worth. But one estimate states that the Rothschild family owns about a half of all resources.

01:43:23,079 --> 01:43:30,279
Those families who have been making money for years, their hands are too dirty to expose themselves.

01:43:30,279 --> 01:43:42,399
[Benjamin Fulford, journalist]
People whose names you see in financial magazines are rich, but their fortune is nothing compared to those who are not on the list at all.

01:43:42,399 --> 01:43:49,640
or their names are at the bottom. They are the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans and a few famous European and Chinese families.

01:43:49,640 --> 01:43:58,359
A famous journalist in the USA and a specialist in macroeconomic crime, Benjamin Fulford is a former publisher for the Asian version of Forbes.

01:43:58,359 --> 01:44:10,719
For the 25 years he lived and worked in Japan and China, he created the largest network of informers in the history of western journalism.  The would buy information about the richest people in the world.

01:44:10,720 --> 01:44:19,279
This person knows how the fortune list of the richest businessmen on the planet is made, who is on the list and who is not.

01:44:19,279 --> 01:44:23,680
he talks about it in the exclusive interview for the RenTV project.

01:44:23,680 --> 01:44:35,360
The foundation of the world economy was established in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century. It was then that a group of bankers, led by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, attained the right to print dollars.

01:44:35,359 --> 01:44:45,000
Since that point two families have been controlling all the fortune in the world. People on the first lines in the Forbes list are just their figureheads.

01:44:48,000 --> 01:44:57,159
We often here about Russian oligarches, oil magnates and billionaires, who buy football clubs, yachts and big jet planes.

01:44:57,159 --> 01:45:09,000
We get jealous. But we don't know that very often it is just a glossy cover that shines in the last moments. Because in real life there are endless debts and credits behind it.

01:45:09,479 --> 01:45:24,759
[Andrew Sinelnikov, historian]
There are two "books": Forbes Magazine is about the richest people in the world, the ones whom it is allowed to publish numbers for. And the second book is "The biggest Creditors in the World." For some reason we don't like to read this one.

01:45:25,760 --> 01:45:35,400
We don't know about this book, mass media never talks about it. So, our Russian oligarches are in both books and they always take the first places. Their assets are smaller than their debt.

01:45:35,399 --> 01:45:40,239
They can't even properly use what they stole.

01:45:40,239 --> 01:45:51,760
This is a popular Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. In the rating of the richest people in the world he takes 9th place. With a fortune of 112 billion dollars according to Forbes.

01:45:51,760 --> 01:45:59,039
Everybody knows this is a large amount, but not everybody understand how large this amount is.

01:45:59,039 --> 01:46:13,159
[Kirill Vishnepolsky, former asst. editor - Forbes Magazine]
Look at Abramovich. Yesterday he was in Oilneft, today he is not. He was investing in metallurgy. But he stopped at some point. He made unsuccessful investments.

01:46:13,159 --> 01:46:24,399
He wasted money on the Chelsea football club. That took a lot of time as well. He was the richest person, now he is not. But he still has a lot of money.

01:46:24,399 --> 01:46:36,119
He owns three luxury yachts; the British mass media calls them the Abramovich flotilla. In the past there were three more ships in his flotilla, but they have different owners now.

01:46:36,119 --> 01:46:41,319
He does business not just in Russia, and it adds to his invulnerability.

01:46:41,319 --> 01:46:53,840
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
His group was international from the beginning. That is why he is in London. He probably had some sort of protection, someone was helping him.

01:46:53,840 --> 01:47:02,399
It seems like Mr. Abramovich doesn't believe he is invulnerable because he has 40 bodyguards, more than anyone else in Europe.

01:47:02,399 --> 01:47:14,920
One of his previous yachts "Pelorus" is equipped with armored glass, a missile radar, two helicopters and a submarine. It is worth about 300 million dollars.

01:47:14,920 --> 01:47:29,000
A lot of magazines reported that Pelorus was passed to his wife after their divorce. However the Russian oligarch's safety isn't ruined; he has another ship with the same defense systems.

01:47:29,000 --> 01:47:41,239
It is the yacht "Eclipse," the longest yacht in the world at 115 meters. It is equipped with a submarine, two helicopters, armored deck and seventy crew members.

01:47:41,239 --> 01:47:44,159
It is everything that a respectable oligarch should have.   

01:47:44,159 --> 01:47:49,319
British magazine "The Sunday Times" estimated that the Eclipse is worth more than one billion dollars.

01:47:49,319 --> 01:47:56,399
It was a successful deal, a genial plan, because it is sport.

01:47:56,399 --> 01:48:15,920
[Kirill Vishnepolsky, former asst. editor - Forbes Magazine]
But it turned out to be a big fiasco, a personal drama. After this, people like him become adrenaline addicts. It was not important that for his first billion dollars he could afford to buy, let's say, Fabergé eggs. Why would he need them?

01:48:15,920 --> 01:48:18,159
Ok, so he buys those eggs, puts them away, and moves to the next thing.

01:48:18,159 --> 01:48:30,519
Another ship, "Yacht Le Grand Bleu" is worth 100 million dollars. He presented this one to his oligarch friend Evgeny Shvidler. Because real friends don't scrimp on gifts.

01:48:30,520 --> 01:48:49,040
[Dmitry Kalinsky, psychogeneticist]
Sometimes money is compensation for a complex personality. And the way a person spends money is an attempt to assert themselves. Money is not the only a goal, it is an attempt to prove something to everybody, and first of all, to yourself.

01:48:49,039 --> 01:49:04,079
Mr. Abramovich owns not only his marine fleet, but an air fleet as well. There is a Boeing 767, worth about 150 million dollars, another Boeing worth 75 million dollars, and a whole row of helicopters.

01:49:05,079 --> 01:49:18,039
After such a list, it seems ridiculous to talk about such trifles as his armored Maybach limousines, Ferrari FXX, Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Corsa, Ferrari 360, and Porsche Carrera.

01:49:18,039 --> 01:49:23,960
But if you think that all this money will be enough for the rest of his life, think again.

01:49:23,960 --> 01:49:33,880
According to The Sunday Times, within 6 month of the economics crisis Roman's fortune shrank by one third. But how is it possible…

01:49:33,880 --> 01:49:37,760
to loose 12 billion dollars within half a year?

01:49:37,760 --> 01:49:45,239
[Mikhail Hazin, economist]
The fortune of a person is determined not by how much money he makes, but by the capitalization of his assets.

01:49:45,239 --> 01:49:59,719
He needs money to run his business, that is why he gets money by applying for credit in exchange for his assets. And the more capitalization of assets he has, the more debt he is into.

01:49:59,720 --> 01:50:14,199
And he creates a certain problem for other members of the Forbes list. Because if the value of the capitalized assets falls during a crisis, they are worth less than amount of debt.

01:50:14,199 --> 01:50:24,760
[capitalization of assets: funds, shares, factories]
Lets suppose that our oligarch has one billion dollars in cash. The capitalization of his assets, which is the cost of his funds, shares, and factories on the market, is 5 billion dollars.

01:50:24,760 --> 01:50:30,319
And the credits to run his business is 4 billion dollars. It looks like everything is wonderful.

01:50:30,319 --> 01:50:35,720
Our oligarch is 2 billion dollars in the black. And Roman can keep living the life.

01:50:35,720 --> 01:50:46,280
But suddenly, as a result of the world's economic crisis, he finds out that his assets aren't worth 5 billion dollars anymore, but only 2 billion.

01:50:46,279 --> 01:50:57,960
And his debt of 4 billion dollars still stayed the same. And so in one moment, the oligarch, who owns luxury yachts and football clubs, becomes totally bankrupt.

01:50:57,960 --> 01:51:07,960
People who seem to be the richest in the world are almost poor in reality. They don't realize it until a certain point.

01:51:07,960 --> 01:51:12,039
And you are complaining about your small salary…

01:51:15,399 --> 01:51:25,960
This is ex Russian millionaire German Sterligov. He was a founder of the first Russian stock exchange. It brought huge profits to him and his group…

01:51:25,960 --> 01:51:35,960
… about 3 to 4 million rubles a day. However, German is not in the stock business anymore and he is happy to be free from the problems he was dealing with in his past life.

01:51:35,960 --> 01:51:48,880
[German Sterligov, entrepreneur]
I thought that when I have money, all problems are going to be solved. But it turned out that money doesn't solve problems, it adds an endless number of seemingly innocent problems that turn you into a money slave.

01:51:48,880 --> 01:52:01,319
And you have to serve the money 24/7 to be sure that it isn't stolen, decide where to place it, solve conflict situations involving it… it's an endless process. You wake up and work into the night and it happens every day.

01:52:01,319 --> 01:52:14,000
Everything changed for German after the presidential elections in 2004. He was forced out of the rat race, and he lost his invested money and the money of people who invested in him.

01:52:14,600 --> 01:52:20,520
To pay his debts he had to sell absolutely everything he owned.

01:52:20,520 --> 01:52:28,880
[German Sterligov, entrepreneur]
The house on Rublevka, the office on Red Square, factories, newspapers, ships and shares and so on. That is how life drove me to live in the forest…

01:52:28,880 --> 01:52:32,840
…where my wife and I set up a tent and started to build a small hut.

01:52:32,840 --> 01:52:46,279
German believes that everyone has become a money slave. TV and mass culture have forced us to forget what is most important in life: family, children, nature and a feeling of freedom.

01:52:47,279 --> 01:52:51,920
And he believes that the cult of money has deprived us of all of it.

01:52:51,920 --> 01:52:58,720
You have a fake system on a global scale. You are tricked by USA standards who put the wrong values in your head.

01:52:58,720 --> 01:53:10,199
And with pieces of paper called "money," they have closed your eyes to everything important in your life. It is a lie. You need to get out of there as soon as possible.

01:53:10,199 --> 01:53:17,979
German ran away from the modern life a long time ago. But if you think that his family is in complete poverty, you are wrong.

01:53:17,979 --> 01:53:32,840
A small hut in forest has turned into a big household based on self-sufficiency. His family makes money by cattle breeding and by baking bread.

01:53:32,840 --> 01:53:33,279
One loaf of bread costs 350-500 rubles.

01:53:33,279 --> 01:53:44,319
[Sergey Sterligov, German Sterligov's son]
We bake 120 loafs a day. 40 loafs fit in one oven. We have 3 ovens. That makes 120 loafs.

01:53:44,319 --> 01:53:50,439
We built a well so we don't have to go out to get the water.

01:53:50,439 --> 01:54:06,680
We breed goats, sheep, other animals without exclusions. We have enough to live, even more. We enjoy our life 'like butter swims in cheese' (very much).

01:54:06,680 --> 01:54:14,680
No oligarch in Russia or in Moscow has such a big table full of food like we have, thanks to God.  We live a regular Christian life.

01:54:14,680 --> 01:54:21,479
German teaches his values to his children. They study at home, work as adults, and help with the household.

01:54:21,479 --> 01:54:25,680
Nobody watches TV.

01:54:25,680 --> 01:54:34,000
[German Sterligov, entrepreneur]
When I was taking them abroad, I would book the most luxurious hotel rooms so they would see the most expensive, best things. And actually, it became boring after a few hours.

01:54:34,000 --> 01:54:41,359
It's boring. It is valuable only on TV and in movies. You can die from boredom.

01:54:45,079 --> 01:54:58,479
This story happened at the crisis climax in August 2008. To the surprise of all the financial world one of the biggest investment companies, Madoff Investment Securities, went bankrupt.

01:54:58,479 --> 01:55:07,560
It was founded in the 1960s and had been the largest pyramid scheme in history.

01:55:07,560 --> 01:55:15,680
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
The Madoff Pyramid is a good example of how typical Wall Street financial structures work.

01:55:15,680 --> 01:55:30,479
I am sure there are a lot of companies like this. And Madoff seemed to be a decent old man with a solid appearance. A lot of people thought he was an expert in the financial field.

01:55:30,479 --> 01:55:40,600
The company owned by Bernard Madoff was very trusted by people all over the world. Simple people and big companies invested millions in it.

01:55:40,600 --> 01:55:52,680
Then in the summer of 2008, it crashed. They could not attract more investors and did not make enough money to pay old investors.

01:55:52,680 --> 01:55:53,920
The pyramid had collapsed.

01:55:53,920 --> 01:56:01,960
[Mikhail Hazin, economist]
Madoff would take money from new investors and give it to old ones, keeping some for himself. He was just like Sergey Mavrodi.

01:56:01,960 --> 01:56:13,960
When in the middle of the 1990s in Russia the Mavrodi's pyramid collapsed, experts were saying that it would never happen in civilized countries.

01:56:13,960 --> 01:56:26,039
However, Bernard Madoff surpassed his Russian colleague Mavrodi. He caused an estimated 65 billion dollars damage to his investors.

01:56:26,039 --> 01:56:27,880
This amount is comparable with amount of the entire Ukraine budget.

01:56:27,880 --> 01:56:34,640
A French investor, who invested 1.5 billion dollars, killed himself after he found out about the pyramid's collapse.

01:56:34,640 --> 01:56:46,200
It is established that when affiliated companies went bankrupt, 200 people from all over the world to took their own lives. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

01:56:46,199 --> 01:57:03,559
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
He is a whipping boy, he was chosen to be punished, but the thing is that the whole system is just like his pyramid. The whole financial system in general was out of control.

01:57:03,560 --> 01:57:17,920
A lot of experts say that the world economy today is just a big pyramid. Everyone of us is an involuntary investor. And when it collapses, everybody will be buried under its ruins.

01:57:17,920 --> 01:57:24,199
[Mihlail Delyagin, economist]
A global economical crisis is developing, and the world has about a year before it happens.

01:57:26,359 --> 01:57:37,559
These are Russian businessmen Mikhail Dashkiev and Peter Osipov. They are only 25 but they have already succeeded in many, many business projects, and today they are helping thousands of people to do the same.

01:57:37,560 --> 01:57:43,960
They know a few simple rules. If you know them, you will easily get rich.

01:57:43,960 --> 01:57:50,119
All you need to start is about 10,000 to 30,000 rubles ($330 to $1000).

01:57:50,119 --> 01:57:54,520
It is most important to have total intention. In simple words, be stubborn.

01:57:54,520 --> 01:58:03,440
[Peter Osipov, entrepreneur]
Secondly, 'running your business' is the ability to jump from a plane, and THEN look for the parachute. It's scary.

01:58:03,439 --> 01:58:07,840
That is why some people prefer to think of an action for ten years, and then they still don't act on it.

01:58:07,840 --> 01:58:14,920
[Mikhail Dashkiev, entrepreneur]
You see the brick wall in front of you, and you harden your muscles, and Boom! Break it. And you don't stop, keep breaking the walls.

01:58:14,920 --> 01:58:23,440
Today they can afford a vacation for few hundred thousand rubles or a car for few million dollars. But it wasn't like this all the time.

01:58:23,439 --> 01:58:35,279
Their parents didn't find good jobs for them and they didn't get millions willed to them. Mikhail Dashkiev grew up in Cheboksary, and he moved to Moscow when entered the High School of Economics.

01:58:35,279 --> 01:58:40,079
He lived in a regular dormitory.

01:58:40,079 --> 01:58:47,800
[Mikhail Dashkiev, entrepreneur]
At that time I had long hair, a pierced ear, guns at my hips, and a shield on my back. I was a real fighter in my dreams.

01:58:47,800 --> 01:58:53,920
But when I came to Moscow I realized that such an attitude doesn't go over well. I had a problem. I didn't have enough money.

01:58:53,920 --> 01:58:57,079
I had 4 thousand rubles per month for everything.

01:58:57,079 --> 01:59:02,960
His partner, Peter Osipov, had similar problems.

01:59:02,960 --> 01:59:12,520
[Peter Osipov, entrepreneur]
Moscow is a very motivational city, you walk around and understand that you can't afford to even enter a cafe. It will take 5000 rub. out of your pocket. Try to multiply it by 30 days a month.

01:59:12,520 --> 01:59:17,640
I had to read menus not in Russian, but in Arabic. You know what I mean? From right to left: price first.

01:59:17,640 --> 01:59:27,880
They sold products over the phone and even worked as street sweepers. But the constant aspiration to self-fulfill in life was pulling to something bigger.

01:59:27,880 --> 01:59:40,960
They started developing and selling sites to different companies and helped in brand advertising. At some point they opened a florist business. And in few years they opened an LED manufacturing company.

01:59:40,960 --> 01:59:47,359
Today there are two sort facilities, and its monthly circulation is 10-15 million Rub.

01:59:47,359 --> 01:59:51,960
But it is only one Peter and Mikhail's projects.

01:59:51,960 --> 01:59:57,279
Money is an indicator. It shows if you move in the right direction or not.

01:59:57,279 --> 02:00:01,239
[Mikhail Dashkiev, entrepreneur]
I am always surprised to hear from people that money is not important.

02:00:01,239 --> 02:00:03,199
Or when they say that money is bad or money perverts.

02:00:03,199 --> 02:00:13,199
The?? businessmen remember that their turning point was when they invested all the money they made from selling websites into the florist business.

02:00:13,199 --> 02:00:17,800
And they didn't have any other option but to be successful.

02:00:17,800 --> 02:00:25,319
It is very similar to a physical workout. You know you need to pull yourself over the crossbar. You don't have any other option.

02:00:25,319 --> 02:00:34,920
The same in business. You are breaking, you are twisting, your brain is telling you why you should stop, but you understand that you should do it and you do it.

02:00:34,920 --> 02:00:35,840
Coming up next.

02:00:35,840 --> 02:00:38,199
When will the dollar collapse?

02:00:38,199 --> 02:00:44,359
The ticker has already started. The collapse of the universal currency will take down the whole Masonic Order of Europe.

02:00:44,359 --> 02:00:47,920
And who will start World War III?

02:00:47,920 --> 02:00:55,479
It should release the American Elite from their debts and establish their power over the world.

02:00:55,479 --> 02:01:00,600
What is a real reason for billionaires' donations to charity?

02:01:00,600 --> 02:01:07,439
They are trying specific vaccines. To reduce the number of people in the world.

02:01:07,439 --> 02:01:13,319
Watch our unique project on RenTV after these commercials.

02:01:13,319 --> 02:01:17,279

02:01:17,279 --> 02:01:19,880
 Million Dollar Giveaway. Poor Pauper Millionaire.

02:01:19,880 --> 02:01:25,359
 Million Dollar Giveaway. Poor Pauper Millionaire.

02:01:25,359 --> 02:01:36,039
[Benjamin Fulford, journalist]
The USA offered me the position of Financial Minister to Japan or the position of General Motors Director. However I could not agree to work in a system that pulls everybody into debt.

02:01:36,039 --> 02:01:42,199
Former publisher of the Indonesian version of Forbes, Benjamin Fulford states

02:01:42,199 --> 02:01:50,520
that the old order that came along with the dollar will collapse soon. The World is on the brink of a new global crisis: the death of the dollar.

02:01:50,520 --> 02:01:56,439
And only those who are investing rubles in the currencies of independent countries will survive it...

02:01:56,439 --> 02:02:01,560
Those who have gold in hands, who sew clothes and grow food in their yard.

02:02:01,560 --> 02:02:07,239
The ticker has already started. The collapse of the universal currency will take down the whole Masonic Order of Europe.

02:02:07,239 --> 02:02:10,960
Establishers of the new order will take the spotlight.

02:02:10,960 --> 02:02:16,800
But who is going to go against the power of the almighty dollar?

02:02:16,800 --> 02:02:19,800
You will be surprised to find out...

02:02:19,800 --> 02:02:23,640
This power is going to be the Rothschilds clan.

02:02:23,640 --> 02:02:29,920
American currency and the  Federal Reserve System that prints it is under control of the Rockefellers right now.

02:02:29,920 --> 02:02:37,000
This family has had a competition with the Rothschileds, the bankers from Europe, for more than 100 years.

02:02:37,000 --> 02:02:47,640
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
It is an interesting system. One of the Rothschilds once said: "If I controlled the money print process, I would not need connections with the kings because I would be much powerful than them."

02:02:47,640 --> 02:03:01,400
The Rockefellers assets are situated in the USA, and the Rothschilds' are in Eorope. Before World War II, two families have been fighting to get the larger part of the world's fortune.

02:03:01,399 --> 02:03:12,119
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
Hitler was also the Rockefellers' protege. So, the Rockefellers were preparing the field for battle between the two great families.

02:03:12,119 --> 02:03:20,399
And they planned to destroy old Europe, which was under the Rothschilds' control, and to create a new Europe, that would serve the Rockefellers.

02:03:20,399 --> 02:03:32,039
During World War II almost all Rothschilds' assets were lost. Moreover, as they were Jewish, they faced total annhiliation.

02:03:32,039 --> 02:03:36,880
The Rothschilds escaped to England to escape.

02:03:36,880 --> 02:03:49,239
Great Britain is a savior for the Rothschilds. And so by threatening Great Britain through Hitler, the Rockefellers put the Rotschilds on their knees.

02:03:49,239 --> 02:03:53,199
They offered the Rothschilds an agreement.

02:03:53,199 --> 02:04:02,640
The agreement included three points, or three nails that should have boarded up the coffin of all the Rockefellers' competitors.

02:04:02,640 --> 02:04:12,479
In exchange for Hitler to not invade the British Isles, England should give the USA control of Saudi Arabian oil reserves.

02:04:12,479 --> 02:04:21,079
Secondly, all British residents who had properties in the USA should sell them to Americans.

02:04:21,079 --> 02:04:30,760
And the most important third point: After World War II, the Rothschilds should break up the British Empire and let the colonies free.

02:04:30,760 --> 02:04:34,399
The Rockefellers celebrated their victory.

02:04:34,399 --> 02:04:37,520

02:04:37,520 --> 02:04:47,000
On September 14, 2009 in the city of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, general Director of Rockefeller and Company, James McDonald, was found dead.

02:04:47,640 --> 02:04:55,760
The corpse was in a car, parked at one of the city's supermarkets, with a bullet in his head.

02:04:55,760 --> 02:05:02,520
[David Wilcock, economist]
It was a very strange and suspicious scene. There were a lot of inconsistencies that the police closed their eyes to.

02:05:02,520 --> 02:05:12,760
The investigation came to the conclusion that he killed himself. However, his partners stated that his death was a total surprise for them.

02:05:12,760 --> 02:05:19,359
The company Mr. McDonald was in charge of was thriving and his personal life was on an easy street.

02:05:19,359 --> 02:05:26,840
So why would this person, head of the corporation, controller of 30 billion dollars worth of assets, end his life with suicide?

02:05:26,840 --> 02:05:33,399
[Benjamin Fulford, journalist]
It was an assassination. But they made it look like it was a suicide.

02:05:33,399 --> 02:05:42,519
It was the fourth death within a week. And the victims were managers who worked for the Rockefeller's clan: Dany Pank, Fin Casperson and Rod Blagojevich.

02:05:42,520 --> 02:05:47,159
The reason of death was indicated as suicide.

02:05:47,159 --> 02:05:58,639
Two of them were related to the Rockefellers, but had different last names. After a few months there was another strike to the clan. But it was done openly this time.

02:05:58,640 --> 02:06:10,840
In Australia, German Rockefeller was brutally assassinated. A week after, a husband and wife were arrested and they took a full responsibly for the crime.

02:06:10,840 --> 02:06:17,520
However, the Rockefeller clan expressed dissatisfaction with the result of the investigation and started their own.

02:06:17,520 --> 02:06:26,560
[David Wilcock, economist]
The opposition of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers has been going on for years. And it's a "no holds barred" battle.

02:06:26,560 --> 02:06:38,039
It is just a theory. But a lot of coincidences indicate that the Rothschilds have been waiting years for the right moment to strike back.

02:06:38,039 --> 02:06:49,439
In December 2012 the authority of the USA Federal Reserve System to print money, which was controlled by Rockefellers, expired.

02:06:49,439 --> 02:06:59,760
The Rothschilds clan has a 250 year history for a reason. The founder of the family, Mayer Rothschild, loved to repeat an ancient chinese saying:

02:06:59,760 --> 02:07:04,960
"If you sit by the river long enough you will see the body of your enemy float by."

02:07:04,960 --> 02:07:15,199
His descendants remember all of his behests. They had been waiting long enough to recoupe the loss they experienced during World War II.

02:07:15,199 --> 02:07:31,479
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
For 60 years, maybe more, there was the battle between the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers. And finally, the Rothschilds strike back.

02:07:31,479 --> 02:07:38,399
But why are two richest families in the world fighting to death?

02:07:38,399 --> 02:07:45,319
Their fortune is so vast that they can afford to spend it living a hundred lives. But it seems not enough for them.

02:07:45,319 --> 02:08:00,359
[Kirill Vishnepolsky, former asst. editor - Forbes Magazine]
It's like a sport to them. Because at the level of personal feelings and quality of life there is no difference between 15 billion and 5 billion dollars at all.

02:08:00,359 --> 02:08:02,880
Because you can't spend 15 billion dollars on yourself. It is impossible.

02:08:02,880 --> 02:08:10,039
Surprisingly, the huge amount of money that is supposed to make people almighty turned them into its slaves.

02:08:10,039 --> 02:08:17,119
These families can't stop battling with each other even if they wanted to stop. It would cause their instant bankruptcy.

02:08:17,119 --> 02:08:32,479
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
The system was built so that as soon as you stop destroying each other, it will be like in the European fairy tale about a pile of gold turning to skulls.

02:08:32,479 --> 02:08:39,800
And the first digits will be taken out of their fortune, and they will be left with zeros… and that's the best case scenario.

02:08:39,800 --> 02:08:47,000
That is why each family made plans to survive during a crisis and to eliminate the enemy.

02:08:47,000 --> 02:08:53,520
According to some experts, the main goal of the Rothschilds is to crash the dollar and change the whole world.

02:08:53,520 --> 02:09:08,240
[Vyacheslav Manyagin, historian]
The first stage is to crash the American dollar and introduce a Gold yuan. Actually, it has already been introduced.

02:09:08,239 --> 02:09:15,960
According to open sources, the Rothschilds have exported 50 thousand tones of gold to China for the past 6 years…

02:09:15,960 --> 02:09:20,000
… to establish a new currency.

02:09:20,000 --> 02:09:24,960
[Andrew Fursov, historian]
They don't need the dollar. They can crash it. But the Rockefellers absolutely don't need it.

02:09:24,960 --> 02:09:35,439
Experts believe that the second stage is to create a tax state Government controlled by Great Britain on the territories of former USA and Russia.

02:09:35,439 --> 02:09:42,119
To do this, the leader of Russia should be a person integrated into the Masonic Order.

02:09:42,119 --> 02:09:52,319
The third stage is to make every country sign a multinational agreement where the dollar will be replaced with the gold yuan. And it will become the only currency of the planet.

02:09:52,319 --> 02:10:09,679
The Rockefellers stick to the plan written by the Masonic Order back in 1871. Its goal was to start World War III. It will allow America release from its endless debts and provide their domination over the rest of the world.

02:10:09,680 --> 02:10:20,840
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
This document is well known. By the way, World War III is a battle with the Third World countries...

02:10:20,840 --> 02:10:32,119
…judging by what is going on right now in countries with mixed nationalities or with muslim populations, it seems like everything is leading to World War III.

02:10:32,119 --> 02:10:45,960
However the information that we receive today tells us that the American Elite are preparing not just for outside wars, but for a new civil war in America.

02:10:45,960 --> 02:10:58,199
[Andrew Fursov, historian]
There is information that Americans are building camps for refugees, or they might be concentration camps. The USA is preparing for serious national chaos.

02:10:58,199 --> 02:11:03,119
There are also problems outside America. As an empire, the U.S. has been far too busy.

02:11:03,119 --> 02:11:15,079
The Internet is full of articles about the U.S. government is not only building camps surrounded by barbwire, but has already made plastic coffins for their citizens.

02:11:16,079 --> 02:11:22,880
 Million Dollar Giveaway. Poor Pauper Millionaire.

02:11:22,880 --> 02:11:26,439
 Million Dollar Giveaway. Poor Pauper Millionaire.

02:11:26,439 --> 02:11:34,520
This is founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates. Forbes magazine estimates his fortune at 61 billion dollars.

02:11:34,520 --> 02:11:41,520
But Bill does not run his business exclusively. He is very much interested in the future of the world and its population.

02:11:41,520 --> 02:11:54,319
And this is what he thinks about it: Today there are 6.8 billion people in the world. And this number is going to rise to 9 billion.

02:11:54,319 --> 02:12:04,359
If we do a good job with new vaccines, the system of general and reproductive health services will probably reduce this number by 10-15 percent.

02:12:04,359 --> 02:12:09,840
But right now the population is increasing too fast.

02:12:09,840 --> 02:12:16,840
Russian economist and entrepreneur Andrew Bunich believes that Bill Gates is not a simple guy as he would have us believe.

02:12:16,840 --> 02:12:24,239
We are told how he was trying to make his American dream come true. That he created a computer in his garage and later built a multibillion dollar empire.

02:12:24,239 --> 02:12:27,560
But Bunich believes that it was not that simple.

02:12:27,560 --> 02:12:39,640
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
Bill Gates was not from a poor family, they had connections. There were more people like Bill Gates with programming ability, maybe even smarter than he was.

02:12:39,640 --> 02:12:50,359
But, those people couldn't achieve anything. But he could. I am 100% sure, that his activities are controlled by the Pentagon and FBI.

02:12:50,359 --> 02:12:54,279
And everything we are told is mythology.

02:12:54,279 --> 02:13:04,759
You might be shocked, but a lot of facts lead to the conclusion that behind charities, there is work going on to reduce immune and reproductive systems of poor people using certain vaccines.

02:13:04,760 --> 02:13:17,600
The Charity Fund of Bill and Melinda Gates has one main goal: family planning. A lot of people believe that in reality it means a call for a mass sterilization of women in third world countries.

02:13:17,600 --> 02:13:27,199
They believe that free vaccination of children and adults is just a cover up for their brutal plan to reduce the population.

02:13:27,199 --> 02:13:41,279
[Yury Vorobievsky, writer]
They are doing such work on specific vaccinations that might lead to the death of millions of people. They are developing new viruses and so on.

02:13:41,279 --> 02:13:48,800
Long story short, they are working on programs of depopulation… to reduce number of people.

02:13:48,800 --> 02:13:55,479
This is a microchip to inject under a person's skin. It is only 3mm long and less than 1mm in diameter.

02:13:55,479 --> 02:14:01,800
It is another brainchild of Bill Gates. He calls these chips 'the technology of the future'.

02:14:01,800 --> 02:14:11,569
[Andrew Parshev, writer]
Bill Gates was talking about the unique ID that every person will have. It can for example, save his life.

02:14:11,569 --> 02:14:25,599
In case of an accident, doctors will be able to find out about the financial situation of a patient and about certain characteristics of his body.

02:14:25,600 --> 02:14:30,840
However, this is just a cover up for the main goal: to control every one of us.

02:14:30,840 --> 02:14:41,600
[Konstantin Sivkov, political scientist]
Transnational Financial Elite is trying to chip people in an attempt to establish world domination.

02:14:42,600 --> 02:14:46,079
There were the Delgado experiments some time ago.

02:14:46,079 --> 02:14:55,399
[Andrew Bunich, economist]
He was injecting a chip into an ox skin. And he was manipulating them with a special remote control.

02:14:55,399 --> 02:15:02,600
And it was demonstrated to people that you can push one button and the ox will run, push another and he will stop.

02:15:02,600 --> 02:15:13,000
We are already living in a system where everybody knows everything about everyone. In social networks we gladly talk about where we work, about our friends, our interests and where we go.

02:15:14,119 --> 02:15:23,329
Anyone can find this information. Credit cards show us what purchases we make, video cameras show us where we were even a month ago.

02:15:23,329 --> 02:15:29,279
And a mobile phone in our pocket allows online tracking of us.

02:15:29,279 --> 02:15:36,199
The whole society is turning into a computer. Is it pleasant to realize that you are just a part of the computer?

02:15:36,199 --> 02:15:50,079
Maybe some people don't care that everybody knows about them, that they are controlled, that they are not independent any more, that they can't have a secret personal live.

02:15:50,079 --> 02:15:59,039
The whole world has already turned into the global network, where everybody is just an added element.

02:15:59,039 --> 02:16:05,720
Now the richest people in the world are trying to inject a chip into everybody so they can 'turn off' countries and even continents.

02:16:05,720 --> 02:16:13,279
This reality is being formed by just a couple of hundred people. But their work will affect billions of people all over the planet.

02:16:13,279 --> 02:16:21,319
We are talking about two hundred people against 7 billion. We think that we are weak, and they are almighty.

02:16:21,319 --> 02:16:28,079
But all we need is to refuse money for a short period of time. And the system will collapse by itself.

02:16:28,079 --> 02:16:31,000
But are you ready to be really, truly free?

02:16:31,000 --> 02:16:41,000
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