News of the Future

13 Oct 2013

Press Release Drone Car, Inc. launches new service

New remote-controlled driving concept makes smash hit!

You need to get to work each day, or around the city, and public transportation may not be an option.

Now a new company, Drone Car, Inc., thinks it has the answer.

For a retrofit fee and monthly payments, one of their employees will drive your car for you – remotely!

Get in the driver's seat and turn the system on, enter your destination, and leave the rest up to Drone Car!

Move over to the passenger side, drink your coffee and eat your breakfast at your leisure, then plan out your day, talk or text to your heart's content, or just listen to the radio while Drone Car does the driving.

Since your remote driver is completely focused on driving your car – and nothing else – your trip will actually be safer than if you were driving yourself. You don't even need a driver's license to ride in your car. After all, you aren't driving it – one of Drone Car's top-trained “pilots” is.

If anything goes wrong with your car (low battery for instance) Drone Car will alert you and modify your trip to include a stop at the nearest charging and maintenance center to get those points handled. (Cost of charging and maintenance not included in monthly driving fee.)

So relax, catch a snooze, or enjoy the scenery, and leave the driving to Drone Car!