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22 September 2012

Avaaz begins to get it

Read the rest of their article here: Avaaz article and slideshow

22 August 2012

Good News
I decided to copy this news article into a post, as I don't know how long the link to the original article will be good. “The Way to Happiness” was written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1980.


Nipping the evil in the bud – the happy way

Bindu Shajan Perappadan

“Catch them young and turn them around” is the motto being followed by the Delhi Police which has brought in an innovative early intervention programme titled ‘Way to Happiness’ to help juveniles stay away from crime.

“The Way to Happiness Foundation, India, has been helping us for the past two months in Delhi by conducting intervention and motivational courses for people in the JJ clusters encouraging them, especially children, to lead a happy, crime-free life. The Foundation had approached us with the proposal to conduct the course after getting encouraging results from other parts of the world where their programmes helped reduce crime rate,” said Inspector S.S. Malhan of Delhi Police’s Special Unit For Women and Children.

“Dealing with children from the lower strata of society who are exposed to crime at a very early age needs intensive, consistent and tailor-made intervention. We feel this programme brings that along. We also realised that when encouraged to lead a crime-free life as a group not just children but also adults get influenced. The programme was also conducted for the Delhi Police personnel who benefitted from it and that was when the authorities realised that the general public, especially children, would do well to be exposed to this programme,” added Inspector Malhan.

Prevention better than punishing

Stating that prevention is better that punishing and trying to change a child already involved in crime, Mr. Malhan said: “We are planning a phase-wise intervention programme in all the JJ clusters and crime-prone areas in the Capital first. The course consists of motivational talks and distribution of free booklets containing 21-points on leading a happy life.”

“Children living on the streets in Delhi are often exposed to various forms of abuse and also get embroiled in crime. As per a report ‘Surviving the Streets’ published last year there were 50,000 children on the streets in Delhi and it was found that one of the major threats that street children experienced was abuse. Courses like the Way to Happiness programme should be extended to these children to help them speak up and cope with the abuse and also report it,” said Ashok Singh Jha of the Dr. A. V. Baliga Memorial Trust, an organisation working for women and children welfare.

13 August 2012

The Olympics is over.

Do you remember which sources predicted that something bad would happen at the Olympics? 
Do you remember which sources predicted that something good would happen during the Olympics?
Do you remember which sources predicted that nothing of consequence would happen at the Olympics?
Those that predicted correctly should get a plus-point. 
Those that predicted incorrectly should get an out-point.

3 August 2012

What to make out of all this?

Recent events have been a bit rough on me.

I have witnessed the first major false-flag attack in the US since I left the Sea Org in December of 2008. As predicted, the mainstream media totally mishandled the reporting of this event. But even though I expected this, I was appalled to see it occur in front of my eyes and ears.

Meanwhile, an ancient story of ETs in the offing to assist us to kick out the criminals that want to rule the world has been percolating. It continuously changes without ever going anywhere. I have been growing more and more suspicious of it since I learned from Robert Morning Sky that the Sirians are not much more sincere that the Reptilians. We can hold out some hope for the Pleiadeans, but that may also be a myth. There is no way to tell for sure as long as they remain unwilling to interact with us openly.

There are so many who desperately want the old Sirian myth of Ascension to be true! But I fear it may not be. We have an alternative here on earth (Scientology) but Cabal lies have led the New Agers to fear it. The Cabal fears it with good reason.

We have the ET denyers who see no hope for the cause of freedom on earth. And we see the ET supporters believing all sorts of different stories depending on exactly what channel or contact they follow. Without a realization that will clarify the situation, the Scientologists seem to have the only strategy that has any hope of success.

Yet I can't just come out and tell everyone else that they are totally wrong. I am really hoping for an event that will serve to clarify the situation for everybody. However, I fear I may be waiting in vain.

How do I judge the reliability of a source or their story?

The simple answer is: Go out and look for yourself.

But that takes spiritual abilities that most of us don't have yet.
In the absence of this ability, I have been developing some criteria which I will now list out:

  1. Cabal-connected sources are more likely to lie or to be forwarding one. That includes ET-connected sources, if we assume that the Ets control the Cabal. Cabal-connected sources include: The mainstream media; many entertainment personalities; federal-level politicians and functionaries; most academics; and the intelligence community, of course.
  2. An honest person should be willing to identify themselves. I am less trusting of sources that claim they must remain unidentified for “security” reasons.
  3. First-hand observations are more granular, but are also more likely to be reliable. In other words, look for stories of people who “saw it with their own eyes.” You put these together and you begin to see patterns.
  4. People who specialize in predictions are suspect, even if they have a “good track record.” It totally depends on how they got their data.
  5. People who are engrossed in the past or future, but don't seem to pay much attention to present time are suspect. All truth is in present time.

How can I learn the truth if all information sources are lying?

This is what total spiritual freedom is all about. If you don't have that yet, you will have to depend on the stories of others.

I spend a lot of time searching for people who seem independent and truly interested in what is really going on in present time or the very recent past.

They are easily overlooked, yet their data can be very compelling. For example, it is only due to the work of several independent people interested in learning the truth about Aurora that enough evidence has been developed to convince me that the incident, as presented by the mainstream media, is an almost total fabrication.

Whenever people are sacrificed only to enable the Cabal to make a point, it a tragedy of major proportions, and the journalists who knowingly did what they were told instead of their jobs are factually in Treason and most likely not in a happy personal state.

Using data of comparable magnitude to evaluate stories.

Logic 8: A datum can be evaluated only by a datum of comparable magnitude.
Logic 9: A datum is as valuable as it has been evaluated.
Advanced Procedure and Axioms p. 163-164

Here are some datums that I feel quite certain about. I use them when I evaluate the stories I read or hear.

  1. Past lives are real. Hubbard, James, Brown, Stevenson. Four independent researchers; all come to the same conclusion. Numerous additional anecdotal evidence. This means that the human spirit is also real.
  2. ET is real. Hubbard, James, Brown, and so many contactees and witnesses it isn't even funny. Many also report seeing wingless, noiseless craft.
  3. The Cabal is real. Hubbard, Alex Jones, and so many other journalists and researchers. This one is hiding in plain sight. Questions: How fractured is it? What ET alignments exist, if any?
  4. We are being lied to. Academia and the mainstream media denies all these facts. So, they're lying. Obviously. And if they would lie about these things, what wouldn't they lie about? They are nearly useless as sources for data.
  5. Exception: If a physical universe event occurs witnessed by multiple people, with perhaps even photographic evidence, and it's big enough, then the media are forced to report it as an actual event. Same with news conferences, sporting events, conventions, etc. They are too big to ignore. So if there is a story there, it will get reported. But that's as far as they will take it! Thus, all the media and the controllers are good for is a bare-bones time line of events on earth, with a few additional hints buried in various public documents.

My current evaluation of the reliability of various sources.

By my criteria, most of the “ET” data are unreliable, as are most of the “unidentified inside source” data. The problem with their stories is that they are couched in true data. So it appears that these sources, in the face of so much evidence as to the basic facts of the situation, have invented manipulative strategies that incorporate these facts.

For background data I depend mostly on the researchers mentioned above, rather than the ETs, and on various experiencers, including Robert Morning Sky's grandfather.

For Present Time data I depend mostly on random independent researchers.

Most alternative journalists are using “inside sources,” so I don't think their stories are reliable. Most ET-connected sources never mention Present Time, which is highly suspicious to me. For instance, I never saw the Aurora shootings mentioned by any ET-connected source.

I trust Ben Fulford on matters he is personally aware of. Otherwise, I think he is being played by Cabal-connected people just like everybody else.

They go in on someone who has honestly discovered a part of the truth and contaminate their stories with fiction, often with the covert intention of ruining their credibility.

I also trust Duncan O'Finioan, Drake and others like that on a similar basis.

My take on some current topics

ETs: Real. Wish to remain out of human contact. Rumors of intention to make human contact quite possibly false. Or if true, will be done to manipulate us. Stories of interventions probably true to some extent. Certainly wouldn't surprise me. We are valuable to them, but not necessarily for the reasons they state. Until we can meet them and confront them face-to-face, I can only conclude that they are not really friendly to us in any way that we would normally understand.

UFOS: A real phenomenon. Some are ET some are from earth.
Abductions: A real phenomenon, and ditto.

The Cabal: Quite real. Being kicked out by the ETs for being ineffective. To be replaced by a new “cabal.”

The Group, MJ-12, Positive Military: Cabal fairy tales?
Nazis in Antartica: Unlikely. Part of a scary fairy tale.
Nazis connected to Cabal: True.

Black Ops: Must be true to some extent. Casbolt/Prince data highly problematic.

Ascension, Light Workers, Higher Dimensions: An ET psy-op of Sirian origin, also being used by the Cabal. The New Age is of no significant threat to them; most likely created by them as a fake “movement” to keep anti-establishment types busy.

Nibiru, Planet X, The Shift: ET or Cabal ploys to worry and confuse us.

Communists connected to Cabal: True.

Kennedy assassinations: Cabal operations. “Perpetrators” were patsies.

Race riots, civil unrest around the planet: Same idea.

Secret underground bases: Real, but true purposes totally masked.

Space Fleet, bases on Mars, etc: Probably real, but truth seriously distorted.

Republicans connected to Cabal: True now.

Democrats connected to Cabal: Also true now.

911: Created by the Cabal as a ritual sacrifice, to get rid of incriminating evidence, and to initiate the “war on terror” which is a deplorable lie. Buildings most likely taken down by space-based weapons.

Syria: Created by the Cabal, just like Libya. They want to force the area into war, or just enslave it.

Uncertain future: Quite possibly an actual Cabal problem, as well as a problem for the rest of us. So they play it up in the hopes of keeping our attention on their “solutions” (the New Age fairly tales).

Scientology: Good guys. Under lots of financial pressure. Huge potential.