31 July, 2012

Tell The Truth

"Tell the truth" is an effort to create a viral movement on the web.

The initial slogan of this movement is "Give us youth: Tell the truth!" which was my first tweet on Twitter, yesterday. Hashtag: #GUYTTT. I'm the "TTT guy."

I thought of the basic phrase "tell the truth" during the beginnings of the Occupy demonstrations when everybody what trying to figure out what Occupy wanted.

I figured that, in a nutshell, that's what they wanted. Or in other terms, that is what would have to happen for them to get the outcome they desired; people would have to start telling the truth.

But this was not going any place for me until I recently got into a conversation on the jhaines site that started with a post from Jean of a post or message she got from SaS (Stunned at Sunset). SaS expressed his (I assume his) indignation at the continuous attempts to manipulate not only mainstream public opinion but also "alternative issues" public opinion.

He used the terminology of the "Sovereign Integral" which is part of the Wingmakers teachings and corresponds (roughly) to a Thetan in Scientology.

Because Jean's blog has the "email me with responses" checkbox enabled, I was able to carry out a conversation, of sorts, with SaS. And by the end of it I got the idea for "Give us youth: Tell the truth!"

The cool thing was that not only did the message somewhat make sense, but it was also a couplet (a two-line rhyme).

So I also thought of the idea of asking other people speaking other languages to make up couplets in their own language that expressed a similar sentiment. I also now have the idea of asking for different couplets in English that express a similar sentiment.

What GUYTTT means

I thought I better provide a write-up about this expression in case anyone had questions about it.

This is meant, basically, to be a communication from the people of the world to the power-brokers of the planet. It could be interpreted as a request, a demand, an assertion of what is, or of what could be.

Anyone who is alive knows the power of telling the truth. This demand is not meant to apply simply to "world leaders" or those who stand in the shadows behind them. It is also meant to apply to each other, and to those "beyond" (the ETs).

In all things, there is BE, DO and HAVE.

When a singer sings you get a song.

And when a being is honest, that being tells the truth, and you get...
I chose "youth" because it rhymes with "truth."

Youth connotes a happy, carefree, unrestrained, perhaps innocent, approach to life. So this is a way of saying "happiness" "freedom" "openness" "transparency" "clarity" "understanding" even "love."

It also connotes the younger years of life; childhood. So, for someone older (like myself) it also means "future." When I die, I want to be able to come back and be a child, without the fears of adulthood already peering in the door.

The game

The game is to see how many tweets with the #GUYTTT hashtag can be generated from now to the end of the year.

This could escalate into TTT flash mobs and other such events.

Will this idea spark change or be a dud? We shall see.